Ep. 52: Nutrition for Menopause with Kat Georgeou

Subscribe Menopause can be a difficult time, don’t let your nutrition make it harder! Navigating hormonal changes during perimenopause and menopause is a natural part of a woman’s life, however it is unfortunately a topic that either seems to be 1. Ignored or 2. Riddled with misinformation So I sat down with Kat to cut … Read More

Ep. 51: Eat More Resistant Starch

Subscribe Your gut bugs are going to love this episode You may have heard of fibre, but have you heard of resistant starch? It’s an extra nifty fibre that your gut bugs actually love, with some surprising sources that may just be hiding right under your nose. Have a listen for some very, very easy … Read More

Ep. 50: Gym Myths with Jenna Stein

Subscribe It’s time to bust-a-myth Jenna is back to bust some of her least favourite gym nutrition myths.  The gym nutrition space is filled with TONS of garbage marketing and information, so she’s here to unpack them all and give you the information you actually need. Time Stamps 00:00 Introduction 00:40 Protein Shakes 08:28 Protein … Read More

Ep. 49 Help! I’ve Got Low Iron

Subscribe Everything iron Iron is a notoriously tricky nutrient to get right. It can be tough to include enough in your diet and even then your iron levels may still not be where you want them to be In this episode, I’ll talk through all of the things that might be impacting your iron levels, … Read More

Ep. 48 How To Use The Scales

Subscribe To use or not to use the scales, that is the question Not everyone should be using the scales. But, if you’re someone who does use them, please listen to this episode.  Using the scales may seem simple (you just step on them, right?) but there are a few VERY IMPORTANT factors that can … Read More

Ep. 47 Eat More Lentils

Subscribe Beans, beans, they’re good for your heart… Beans and legumes are some of the cheapest, healthiest foods we have available to us, so it makes sense to try and include them more often in our diet This can unfortunately come with a few unwanted painful or smelly side effects… But I’ve got two hacks … Read More

Ep. 46 Help! I Ate Too Much

Subscribe Overdid it and feeling a little rubbish? Listen up Overeating is a very normal, natural thing to do, but it can leave you feeling a bit yuck Here are some quick tips to help you get back feeling better, sooner Subscribe Transcript Welcome back to the Bite me Nutrition podcast. Bit of a quick … Read More

Ep. 45 Organic vs. Non-Organic

Subscribe Do I need to spend the big bucks on organic food? The eternal struggle! Surely organic food MUST be healthier than non-organic food, right? RIGHT?! Well look, there’s actually a little more nuance required to answer this question properly. Nuance I can’t quite fit in a podcast episode description. But I CAN fit it … Read More

Ep. 44 Fertility Nutrition with Stefanie Valakas

Subscribe Is food really that important for fertility? Whether you’re on the path to parenthood or simply curious about optimising your well-being, today’s episode with Stefanie Valakas from The Dietologist has something for you.  We chat through when someone should consider adjusting their diet to support fertility, what things they should be considering, prenatal supplements … Read More

Ep. 43 Shift Work with Kat Georgeou

Subscribe Fuel those shifts Shift work can be tough.  Eating effectively on shift can be even tougher.  Fortunately, Kat is here to help! She’s been a nurse for over 10 years AND she’s a dietitian, so if anyone can give you nutrition advice (with a side of experience), it’s her. Subscribe Transcript Jono: Welcome back … Read More