Ep. 44 Fertility Nutrition with Stefanie Valakas

Subscribe Is food really that important for fertility? Whether you’re on the path to parenthood or simply curious about optimising your well-being, today’s episode with Stefanie Valakas from The Dietologist has something for you.  We chat through when someone should consider adjusting their diet to support fertility, what things they should be considering, prenatal supplements … Read More

Ep. 43 Shift Work with Kat Georgeou

Subscribe Fuel those shifts Shift work can be tough.  Eating effectively on shift can be even tougher.  Fortunately, Kat is here to help! She’s been a nurse for over 10 years AND she’s a dietitian, so if anyone can give you nutrition advice (with a side of experience), it’s her. Subscribe Transcript Jono: Welcome back … Read More

Ep. 42 Can I Eat After 7pm?

Subscribe What really happens to your ice cream at 7:01pm… There’s lots of “information” floating around out there about when you should and shouldn’t eat.  Some people say it doesn’t matter when you eat. Some people say you shouldn’t eat after Xpm. Join me for some nuance! Subscribe Transcript Welcome back to the Bite Me … Read More

Ep. 41 CrossFit Nutrition with Jenna Stein

Subscribe Concrete legs got you feeling down? If you’ve ever done a CrossFit session you’ll know they can be… rough. Unfortunately, lots of people make things harder than they need to by missing some simple but important steps in their nutrition. So today I’m chatting to Sports Dietitian and Crossfit Coach Jenna Stein to get … Read More

Ep. 40 ​​Nutritionist vs. Dietitian with Alex Thomas

Subscribe What exactly is the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist? I very, very, very regularly get asked what the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist is.  And as a dietitian… I don’t exactly know! So I chatted to Alex Thomas from Sports Nutrition Australia, because he’s smart, and he does.  Have a … Read More

Ep. 39 Food & Mental Health with Nicole Lippman-Barile

Subscribe Can diet cure your depression? The world of food and mental health is a messy one.  On one side, we have lots of evidence suggesting that food does have an impact on mental health. On the other side we have people suggesting that avoiding sugar will cure your depression. Oh boy.  Enter Dr. Nicole … Read More

Ep. 38 Body Image with Emilia Thompson

Subscribe Struggling with body image? This is a must listen Whether you’re struggling with your body image or you’re completely unfamiliar with the term, Dr Emilia Thompson is here to unpack everything you need to know. We chat about whether a positive body image is attainable for everyone, some very practical tools to help you … Read More

Ep. 37: Does aspartame actually cause cancer?

Subscribe How about those news headlines? There has recently been a huge amount of buzz about the World Health Organisations updates on aspartame, a non-nutritive or “artificial” sweetener.  Some of the headlines have been… interesting.  If you want to know what’s ACTUALLY going on, have a listen to this where I’ll quickly unpack what’s actually … Read More

Ep. 36 Weight Cuts with Aidan Muir

Subscribe If you compete in a weight class sport, this is a must listen Acute weight cuts (not to be confused with fat loss) are pretty fascinating.  If done correctly, they can give an athlete a significant advantage. If done poorly, they can waste months of hard preparation by destroying your performance on competition day … Read More

Ep. 35 How to exercise more

Subscribe Motion is lotion. Here’s how to get more! While everyone’s out looking for the next golden bullet supplement, regular movement is standing in the corner trying to get your attention.  It’s one of the most potent things you can do to improve your health and wellbeing, but it’s not always the easiest thing to … Read More