Come work with us!

Hi, welcome to Bite Me Nutrition.

We’re looking for a soon-to-be-graduating dietitian* to come and join Bite Me Nutrition as our new admin superstar.

Bite Me Nutrition is where fad diets, pseudoscience and detoxes come to die, and where clients from all walks of life can find expert advice, tailored support, and unparalleled commitment throughout their nutrition journey. People who come to us entrust us with their health, and we don’t take this lightly. With just as much expertise as we have personality, we think we’ve found the sweet spot this industry has been missing. At Bite Me Nutrition we’re friends with food, and we want everyone else to be friends with food too.

 This job is perfect for you if you're passionate about:

  • Approaching clients with unconditional positive regard
  • Treating the whole person, not just their diet
  • Providing unbiased, unsponsored advice
  • Perfecting your craft (we'll match every $ you spend on CPD)
  • Technology’s ability to improve client experiences and clinical outcomes
  • Developing your own voice and professional profile through creative content development
  • Bright colours

 This job is not ideal if you:

  • Don't love consistently improving your craft
  • Think Microsoft Word is awesome and technology is just a phase
  • Are really into paleo
  • Don't want to deal with video calls

Boring Stuff

What you'll be responsible for:

  • Managing the admin email inbox and handling all scheduling 
  • Manning the phones jokes we don't do phones
  • Assisting with resource and meal plan development
  • Supporting content and email marketing

 Job requirements

  • Eligible to receive Accredited Practising Dietitian status by January 2025
  • Does not hate being on camera

This job will be a casual position, starting at 10 hours a week. It is a remote role. 

How To Apply

Send a cover letter + resume (maximum of two pages or else) to before the 5th of February. 

Applicants who make it to the next round will be required to provide a 3-5 minute video answering 5 questions.

All applications are held in the strictest confidence.

*this part is critical as this role will act as a pathway towards becoming a full time consulting dietitian at Bite Me Nutrition