The good, the bad and the ugly

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a very real, very frustrating condition that a number of people struggle with. 

Unfortunately, due to this, the world of “gut health” has become a breeding ground for questionable supplements and funny coloured powders.

Thankfully, we’ve got Crystal Austin (aka the IBSFODMAP dietitian) to help us sort the good from the bad!


Jono: Welcome back to the Bite Me Nutrition podcast Today. I have Crystal from the Ibsfomapdietician and I'm super excited to chat to Crystal because gut health, IBS, that whole world of bloating and all of those horrible things is a bit of a wild west in social media world, so I wanted to get to the point to the fact, dodge all of that stuff, Crystal, I’ll let you introduce yourself. Who? What do you do and why do you do it

Crystal Austin: Thank you. I completely agree. it's a bit of mind field out there on social media, Particularly the last few years this space has got health, got issue space has blown up, and you know, got tik tok or whatever they call, it also has been pretty big, which alongside it comes a lot of misinformation. Unfortunately, anyway, I myself am a dietiscian like John, and I have dedicated my my career and my business specifically around bousinand people that are struggling with at issue. So symptoms such as floating pain constipation, dire. You know, all of those uncomfortable got symptoms that can have such a huge impact on your day to day life when you're in the thick of it. I think a lot of people that don't experience these got issues don't understand can't really comprehend how much symptoms can impact your day. But if you're listening to this, you probably have symptoms. so you understand. I understand, and I'm so passionate about this area is because he do have it. So I myself have struggled with ideas In different levels over the last sort of ten to fifteen years, and that did eventually lead me into this path, specializing in this area, and now I work with people all over the world to help them find relief from the sybtems and really gain that control back in their life and gain that confidence back in their body and in their diet.

Jono: Awesome? Do just you just tell them what got health porter to take? I guess, Is that just that's your job? Basically

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: a

Crystal Austin: yeah,

Jono: cool.

Crystal Austin: to summarise it sent similar to yourself.

Jono: Yeah, yeah, it's just this is the pill. This is the powder for those of you who are just listening and not watching We. It's extremely sarcastic. although we

Crystal Austin: Oh,

Jono: are going to talk about pills and powders, because there is, there's a time and place for certain ones of them, so I'm really excited to get the wheat from the chaff. That people still say that the fact separate the fact from the fiction.

Crystal Austin: From the fiction, Yes, there's a lot of a lot of again with social media, I think comes a lot of people selling supplements and selling different things, and everyone is looking for that magic pill which we're going to talk through today. What is fact or what is evidence based, what can actually help, and some ones that probably you can not buy and save your money on an I put it.

Jono: So let's take a step back or just ready. take people a little bit.

Crystal Austin: Hm.

Jono: What is B. S. What are the? I guess? Like we know, there's a couple of different classifications. different types talk us through that, so we sort of know what. what we're starting with?

Crystal Austin: Of course, so I B S stands for irritable basin. If you are listening from the U S or Canada. it is more frequently just called Irritable Basin, but over here we say I B s, because it is quicker and easier, so stands for irritable Bain, and exactly what it sounds like. So think irritable bowl. So your bowl is irritated or there is you know symptoms coming from your bowl, which is also your large in teston, is classified as a functional disorder where It can be a little bit confusing when you're going through diagnosis. Because basically what happens is your mitgrocour doctor. They'll run a few tests and rule out other medical conditions and then they say nothing is wrong. You probably have is. And why why that comes up? Because nothing is coming up on on the blood. Nothing is coming up on the colonoscpbeas. Nothing officially wrong, but it's actually more to do with the function And you know there's lots of different reasons why we think is occurs. One of them is really to do with our gut brain. access. The gut in the brain are communicating, and there's some disfunction happening there, And that doesn't come up on a blood test, So it's a functional. It's a functional gut condition meaning there's some issues with the way you get is functioning and it's essentially resulting in these symptoms. So the main, the criteria, though actually diagnosing ides comes down to your bad patterns. so either someone is experiencing constipation or dire, or a combination of both. This is associated with a level of pain or discomfort, And then, alongside that people often do experience things like bloating and excessive gas as well, but so constipation, dire pain, or double pain and cramping, and then often some level of loading and gas alongside that, but not for everyone.

Jono: Yeah,

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: great

Crystal Austin: I think

Jono: in terms

Crystal Austin: the other

Jono: of

Crystal Austin: half, Yeah, the

Jono: sorry,

Crystal Austin: other half. sorry. I, as gonna say, the other half of your question there was the actual different type. So we.

Jono: M.

Crystal Austin: There's different terms that we used for this, But it's basically B, c, b, s. D. And so this is coming down to the predominant bow pattern that people experience. So it is someone that's more constipation, dominant B s. D, Someone is more dire, predominant, and then ibsmisamix. So people tend to sweem between both Conservation and dire.

Jono: Yeah, okay, and

Crystal Austin: M

Jono: if you sort of already alluded to what the first step is, if you feel like, is might be something that you're suffering with. Is there is chatting chatting to you, G. P. the first protocol

Crystal Austin: Always so I, You know, Got issues. Got symptoms can be so many different conditions Like it could be Celia disease. It could be, you know, on the very severe, and it could be cold in cancer, So it's always best to be safe than sorry, and go to your doctor and just tell them what's going on and have these initial test run to make sure it isn't something more severe. Often. You know what I recommend doing is a minimum is a blood test for Celia disease, and An you will add, it's not that, and then your doctor will usually decide on what other tests are necessary. So Ye do Self diagnosis. Always going to see a doctor first,

Jono: And then I'm sure you've we chuckled about it before. I'm sure you've experienced. Unfortunately, there are. fortunately. there are some Gps who diagnosed as B, and then explain to clients at the next. A patient at the next step should be, and I

Crystal Austin: M.

Jono: guess take it seriously, and

Crystal Austin: Hm,

Jono: then other times I have clients who come to see me who've just been. Kind of. you've just got just good luck, or try to look like my diet, or you

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: know, cut this out of the other thing. So You've seen the G. P. You've rolled out some some scary stuff. What's the next best thing that you can do?

Crystal Austin: Yeah, I think this is a gap in the medical industry, not necessarily to. because of the doctor's fold. I think that they don't have enough time to really spend with clients, but really a lot of the time I hear very similar experiences. People see their doctor and then they just sort of palmed off, either not taken seriously or they throw its around like this term like it's not actually a diagnosis or it's not a real thing there. It's probably ideas or here. Try the low diet. Here is a piece of paper and it leaves you feeling We alone and confused and pticuarly. Hey, rein your piece of paper out the wife on that diet or told you to google it. It's very overwhelming when you first see it. so yeah, just it's okay if that's happened to. I am sorry, but now there are still so many fantastic people out there that can help you. My next step would be reaching out to a dietitian, particularly dietician, who is experiencing it, because it is more of a specialty field. Not not just every dietition have experience or someone like myself, John, who does work in the area and has some background there can is where I'd be going next.

Jono: It's true. I remember graduating union. I think we probably did a lecture or two on B. S. and then a lecture

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: or two on B. D. Because there's so much to cover, so make sense right. but yea, it is important to reach out to a dietician with experience in cut stuff. It does not have to be myself or crystal. Obviously,

Crystal Austin: Oh

Jono: those would be the people I would be pointing you to initially, but it is. I sometimes feel like when we say like you need to chat to a dietician, people kind of go like you're just. you're just trying to sell me something.

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: It was like it doesn't have to be me.

Crystal Austin: it doesn't. It

Jono: But

Crystal Austin: definitely

Jono: please

Crystal Austin: doesn't.

Jono: speak to someone

Crystal Austin: Yeah, there's so many great dietitians in this field. Now, I think that there's options out there finding someone that you deal with, but I think it's the same like as a dietitian, We do learn so much about how the human body works and how science works in that degrees, but we can't cover every medical condition in so much detail. So same as if someone came to me and said You know I don't have is, but I really want to lose weight That I say, I'm not the dietitian for you, but here's here's a referable to this dietitionlie, Finding the person who's good at that area and spends their time living and breathing it. You know, they're probably going to be more help in the field.

Jono: Absolutely and so without Because a whole other podcast topic.

Crystal Austin: Uh,

Jono: But so you know you've connected up with dietitian, There's probably a number of diettryand lifestyle changes that they'll talk through and work with through with you, and I would, I'm assuming, say that's where every one of us is going to start, but maybe in sort of the final stages, or in some more complicated cases, or if we want to get that last five to ten per cent relief, I think that's when he Conversation can turn to supplements. And so in your practice do you use supplements for certain clients? And if so, what's what are the good ones? what should be? Let's start positively. What are the good ones?

Crystal Austin: Yeah, Ok, so I think that he's a bit of a lad question. Then, or when do you actually use supplements? At What point in that in that symptom relief journey

Jono: M.

Crystal Austin: do I actually use them? And what ones are worth trying? So it really will depend on the person whose in front of me, but what surprises people the most is in our first consort. I often take them off most supplements you. I'll say they would have tried a bunch of things. They're probably taking a few. and I say you know, is it helping notes? Not helping? Not sure if it's he Mean. I look at what they're taking and we take them off. Because any supplement has the potential to cause side effects. The supplement industry is really poorly regulated, I'm sure, as you know, and they are like. When they tested, they're like they have ingredients in them that are not even on the label, or they don't have what they say they do, Or so there's the supplemntindustry so poorly regulated to a lot of the time I take people off supplements and really just start fresh from from the get go. There's not many supplements I would use are really good Looking at diet and live style. first. One key one that I often do use early on is a fiber supplement. I think fiber supplements can be really helpful, particularly around people struggling with the constirpational dire, and can just help to regulate that. So that's one of the ones I usually look at first Is finding the right matching the right fiber supplement Really to the right person in the symptems

Jono: Yeah, I was gonna ask about fiber in terms of

Crystal Austin: Hm.

Jono: yeh. Do you have some favorite or what you know like hydroizpartially? Hydro, Selim has that sort of barley, Max, not barley Max. What am I thinking? What's the green one?

Crystal Austin: Any farther?

Jono: The weak fiber Ben fiber. think? Yes,

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: what's the like you said? Individuals would benefit from different fiber types. What's the sort of unpack that? for me?

Crystal Austin: Of course,

Jono: M

Crystal Austin: so there are lots of different fibers on the market and there's lots of great ones and others that I probably don't go to, And it will come down to what someone's tried in the past, So if someone comes to me, they're like I've tried. Tried that it didn't work for me. Then I would obviously try a different one. Or if they haven't gone through the right protocol with it, then I might revisit it and say okay, let's start this again. but use this dose some of the some of the best evidence One, so siliumsilmis, kind of king. I think Ilium Some really good evidence for for constipation and dire as well, So it's kind of like a stabilizer. It can work both ways. I don't actually used to lend that often in practice mainly because I find people struggle with compliance with it, So it's kind of hard to drink. If anyone's tried it. it's It's like you put in water. It gets a bit gluggy. The dose is quite high, so you're going up to about ten grams day. So doing this really glug drink a couple of times a day, and I find people struggle with it. Almost how Ever? If they don't mind that, if they don't mind just kind of tracking it down, then Selim can be a really great option. Some people do struggle with loading with it so again, just starting smaller, gradually building up to that dose. and then we swap it out if it's still not working so Selim. Or so you might know that a menamusal. so it's in like orange or green as well, So many is a bit more palitacle option. You can also get it in captuals, but the capitals a really high dose to meet that You have to take like six captuals three times a day or

Jono: Wild,

Crystal Austin: something. That is ridiculous, and the big captuals as well, So it's more of a compliance issue when it comes selling. But it can be a really great option. My next option if someone struggles with the taste or the texture of Selim, My next favorite is usually Sun fiber, which is a partially hydrolized Gaga. This one also has some good research for both constentation and dire. The dose of smaller search only about one scruple, Um. And it mix as well. It doesn't really taste that much. The issue with that one is the cost. so if you know if you're struggling with finances, then Selim is a really great accessible option. It's cheap. You can get it from a super market for less than ten dollars. Whereas something like Sun fiber is up to more like that fifty dollar marks, so really just comes down to cost for that one. But if you don't mind spending a bit of money, then then some fibers. Another really good option.

Jono: So

Crystal Austin: Oh

Jono: yeah is so cheap, isn't it? But it is also interesting because I used it with a lot of clients for is, but also more colestral management. It's got really

Crystal Austin: Yes,

Jono: great evidence behind that, but yet it's It can be a hard sell. So

Crystal Austin: You have any tips

Jono: and

Crystal Austin: for how to get it in easier?

Jono: I smoothes, so I put in a smooth.

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: so if there's other stuff going on, it's generally a little bit more pleasant. But then you don't make the mistake, which I have done multiple times of blending it and then forgetting about it for half an hour, coming back to it and then as you know, it just turns into this like glue paste,

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: and essentially eating it smoothly with a spoon, which is unnatural, So

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: yeah, it's a tricky one.

Crystal Austin: which.

Jono: I haven't tried. Also,

Crystal Austin: I just say, which. that's That's what it's doing in the bower right. It's a soluble

Jono: Yeah,

Crystal Austin: fire, But so it's soaking up fluid, so from a consterpation point of view, it's drawing that fluid in and creating a more like solid stool from a diarea point of view, It's It's soaking up all of that extra liquid, slowing things down and helping the bowel movement. So the fact that it soaks everything up and can be harder to drink is, actually, that's the reason that we're using it as the function we want it to do in the bowl. So really, put in a bit of water. Drink it fast. Don't let it sit around for ages and be.

Jono: Think

Crystal Austin: Um.

Jono: about it.

Crystal Austin: Don't don't think about it. Don't don't put in your smoothing and leave it for an hour. But yeah, it's that soluble function is the reason that we use it.

Jono: I reckon there's a. Hopefully. there's some mad food scientists who are going to work out of way to package slim up a little bit more with a bit more taste and better texture. or I don't something

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: who knows

Crystal Austin: surely,

Jono: one day, so yeah, fibers, and then I guess that there are other things like brast and peperment oil to that I'm familiar with. Are you? how do you feel about Those are the other ones outside of that list?

Crystal Austin: Yeah. So where with clients? you to start with five supplement, and we're working on everything else alongside that. The next. The other supplements is really what I call the cherry on top, which I think you mentioned before, is that five to ten per cent better. It's not like take a peverment or capture, and this is going to fix your symptoms. It's more like we've done these strategies. You've improved eighty percent. What can we add on top to take the edge off the last bit? Or what can we take in those situations? Maybe you are flaring, or maybe there are some extra symptoms happening. So Something like pepperment oilcaptuals are a bergust. Are two options Probably have mixed experience with both of these, so some people find the really helpful other people find they don't help at all. So again, trying to find seeing how that response in your body pepperment oil. It's how it works. It's a smooth muscle. It's proposed that its smooth muscle relaxing, so it helps to basically reduce symptoms like done little pain cramping and those goble ate symptoms as well, so it helps to relax every. At the same time it can relax the muscles in the upper gi tract as well, so some people with reflux do find that it might trigger always in reflex, so sometin to be wary of if you are looking at that one.

Jono: You know,

Crystal Austin: M.

Jono: And that's such a good point about the. It's the last five per cent per cent. So we do it at the end right, because I think

Crystal Austin: M.

Jono: if you've got a hundred percent symptoms and we dropped that from one hundred to ninety five percent of symptoms,

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: you won't even notice right.

Crystal Austin: yeah,

Jono: so even if the supplement is working, it's the wrong time and the wrong way to do it. So all the other, we'll probably mentioned diet and lifestyle five hundred more times in this podcast And

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: it's because it is like

Crystal Austin: yeah,

Jono: I know this is a podcast. We're talking about supplements and names and things Still

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: keep. the main thing. the

Crystal Austin: I

Jono: main

Crystal Austin: think

Jono: thing,

Crystal Austin: and I always explained it in my way when I was like a pyramid, So we're working on the base. if you die than lifestyle

Jono: M.

Crystal Austin: and stress manager, And then the supplements are at the top of the pyramid, so yes, they can be helpful and they can be part of that plan. but they're just not the all or nothing thing that people are hoping for. And why? I mean, why that's a problem is it's from what I see is people wasting money. So you're spending money and you're trying things and you feel like you're trying to do the right thing, but it's just leading you further away from that path, so you end Feeling really deflated like you tried everything, but in reality you probably just find things that are not the right strategies and you just get frustrated and tired and waste money. Whereas there are other things that can work. I think what we probably won't go much into today is like the practitioners that sell thousands of dollars of supplements. So here we're talking about supplements that are usually over the counter won't cost more than fifty dollars if I even close to that, whereas some practitioners will be putting people And the supplement raimes that are thousands of thousands of dollars or hundreds of dollars, And those regimes I really highly recommend of winning anyone prescribing those because again it's wasting time. it's wasting money, and it's putting you through putting you through extra stress that you probably just don't need

Jono: There's there's some shocks. some horror stories out there and I guess this may be somewhat related in terms of the generic of generic, but that got health powders. that got health alixes, the deep gloat supplements vitamins. Those sorts of things. Is there a place for those? Is there evidneany evidence supporting those, or is that another scenario where we'd say you probably better served focusing elsewhere

Crystal Austin: In my practice. So if someone comes to me taking deep load or health powder or something I've done. If they're adamant this is helping, then I'll leave them. but a lot of the time I'm taking them off it because they're not evidence space. They're full of lots of ingredients That they're not doing anything and they're costing them an arm and a leg, and I'm like I'd rather put that money into fresh fruit bench this week or into somewhere that we and you get in some nuts because some people struggle with the cost of that, but instead of spending a hundred dollars here, let's put it somewhere else. Um, so in general, No, it's always goin to come down to the supplement, but in general, most of the time if something is de lowed, got health greens powder. Like those kind of things, I just saving money. spend it somewhere better

Jono: Or the ones that get me are the prebiotic rich ones. You know, which prebotics we know are really beneficial and really helpful. but like you can also just eat foods that contain prefects.

Crystal Austin: And

Jono: wild

Crystal Austin: they're

Jono: idea.

Crystal Austin: often

Jono: I know.

Crystal Austin: quite high. Fied Back is the other thing. So if you do have Ives, and you

Jono: M.

Crystal Austin: are sensitive to five maps and you're taking something like a proveodic supplement, Probably going to be heard in your stomach like they can, some of them contain like in In, And there's really high Fid map ingredients that can be causing more symptoms, So something to be ware of. It's not just. There's no harm in taking this. Some of these do have him.

Jono: Yeah,

Crystal Austin: M.

Jono: in land. Yes, that one

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: sneaks its way in everywhere, doesn't it?

Crystal Austin: yeah, it's again a big thing. The last couple of years, companies trying to make everything got healthy and if you're listening to this, I keep doing air quotes, So got healthy

Jono: Yeah,

Crystal Austin: in air quotes, M.

Jono: definitely,

Crystal Austin: Yeah, So like coconut, yoga and milk and serials, They adding in something called in Lin Chekeryroot, Fi, which is really high Fied map, and can be a trigger for for people with ideas. Yes, prebotics are great, but we can. As John, I said, we can get them through food.

Jono: And probably better amounts through food rather than the giant. Like you know, ten grams of inland, You

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: see, in my turn quotes, got health?

Crystal Austin: Quotes

Jono: Maybe

Crystal Austin: got

Jono: just

Crystal Austin: help.

Jono: assume any time we say got health product

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: we're using using air quotes.

Crystal Austin: M,

Jono: Speaking of got health products, I think another huge thing that comes up in this space is probiotics

Crystal Austin: M,

Jono: and their evidence for. I guess General got health. but specifically in this conversation Hind can Reduce B symptoms or reduce a risk of B. S.

Crystal Austin: So probably are tricky. Feel to navigate. To say the least, the research itself is super mixed and in practice I would say pretty mixed results. They're not something I actually use very often in clinic because they get such mixed results, and I do think we can get better bank for your book somewhere else, So for those that don't know, products are a type of live microbe or bacteria that you take in Captal, and it is theorized that it's helping to improve your gumicrobium and help symptoms with any kind of probiotic. The different types of strains of bacteria, And what's really important is that specific strains of bacteria have been studied to help specific medical conditions, So same as like a medication. You'll take a collestrial tablet to help with Hihcolestral. We want to specific strain of robotic to help with the specific medical condition, so you'll see that Can buy. like robotics. That just have like three hundred billion strains. or you know three hundred you. There really significant amount of different probotics, But having more is not necessarily better. Instead what we want to look at is the actual ingredients and a specific strain of bacteria, and match with the medical condition specifically with irritable. Basndrmthere, are a couple of streams that do have some good research behind them so they can be helpful. Y have had a few clients have success with those With any kind of probotic. If you are starting one, what I recommend doing is doing it for four or six weeks, then assessing if it's made a difference if it's helped continue if it doesn't help them stopping it. At that point,

Jono: Read my mind. I was gonna. What's the time frame? What's the good? O? Four or six weeks usually is enough to get an answer.

Crystal Austin: I typically do, depending on the type of proradiut Most of the time, I think you'll see a difference in for six weeks, and similar to to other supplements, I find it's more looking at taking the edge off. so I've had clients that things are going really well, But then there's this bloating or this sensitivity that's continuing. So the botic and that solves a cool. Let's move on to the next stage Then,

Jono: Yeah, yeah,

Crystal Austin: M.

Jono: wese, so I don't want a broad spectrum shelf stable

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: thing from well worth

Crystal Austin: for irritable

Jono: Got.

Crystal Austin: person drum. I, Yeah, Often not looking at broad spectrum or looking specific specific strains.

Jono: Yeah,

Crystal Austin: Don't ask me the ones off the top of the head because I can't pronounce them there. long

Jono: If anyone

Crystal Austin: words.

Jono: doesn't know, Yeah, they're like

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: massive scientific names that if you read them, I would assume if you just rattle them off, I would show you reading them

Crystal Austin: Reading

Jono: off your screen,

Crystal Austin: the

Jono: which

Crystal Austin: yeah,

Jono: would be fine. but

Crystal Austin: yeah,

Jono: yeah, maybe just message us. if you want those specific strains

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: we can get them to

Crystal Austin: yeah,

Jono: or wait. I should link in show notes. That's what I'm supposed to do.

Crystal Austin: Okay,

Jono: I'm goin. Remember that phrase be linked in the show notes. Cool, I guess the other Family or area of supplement which I am Fresh to, I'm pretty excited about in certain scenarios, I guess, Is there the Nzindigestive Z and their potential to help Because we like, we know that a big issue with B s symptoms is due to kind of foods not being as well digested, and therefore making their way to the large and test in her, they're geting over fermented, and so these Nzims could potentially break those foods down to a more manageable amount. I assume I believe that's the mechanism. Please absolutely correct me if I'm wrong,

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: And so I know, there's also a few different families of these different enzims and they're all like I said, they're quite new, so I know where, sort of not going to have a huge body of evidence supporting them at this stage. But

Crystal Austin: M.

Jono: what are your thoughts? Did I get the mechanism horribly wrong And are there some that are looking positive and some that are not so positive?

Crystal Austin: Yeah. of course, so digestive endzons there's a couple that that I think are worth investigating or trailing, depending on your food sensitivities, and there's a few that I think are not worth doing, same as anything. People in the food industry have grabbed on to this term and I've started adding digestive ens to a lot of different products That not necessary. The dose that they use is way too low. That wouldn't make a difference anyway. So I'll talk about those. I talk about he positive person. Then we'll talk at. So some of the what you're talking about there with with I, s is to do with our digestive pathway. and the thing with B s is that it's not that you're missing Ndzms. For most of the groups you're not missing Ndzomsyou're. not actually doing anything differently, but the nerve endings in your are so hyper sensitive that the normal digestive processes causing more pain and truggering more symptems. So it's not necessarily that you're missing Ms. All that Need to be supplemented with lots of enzines. The exception to that is Lctose, So lactos is the sugar that we find in milk, and for some people with lactosintolerance and missing that end, one where he on't produce enough of that end to break down lactros properly, So the lactosenzi, the Lctos, mulicle itself travels through, undigested, and in the large intestandraws in water, causes more pain and loading and trigger. Sometimes so there is an end zim called laces, also called Lake Tis Lake Tad that you can basically take it as an ensign when you eat dairy products. It helps to travel through. Break down that lactosreduce, sometimes so definitely like to like tae, I think is beneficial. The other one that sometimes are used is called a galactocias. It is specifically for the Gos group in the maps, so for those that aren't familiar with with the food maps, these are specific types of carbohydrates that can also trigger symptoms in With its, and one of those groups is called golf or gos, or glactooligo, sacarades, Gos for sure, and with this gos group the foods we're looking at here is things like beings, lentals, chick peas, cashes, pistachios. like that kind of group and for people that are sensitive to those, there is an end. one that has a little bit of research behind it to show that it helps to break those down and reduces that ferment, fermentation and symptoms space, Ally. So it's called apglatocids. It comes in the brand name, Been assisted or Ben. The issue with Ben is that it also contains another high ingredient called Manito, So Ben s not one I use a lot. so it depends basically. if someone's going through the low diet, Ye're like Okay. They're sensitive to the Geos group the turns, but they're okay with Soratlmanitol, And if if you're okay with Manito, then you can obviously take the binoenznbut If you've done. Those can Just any arms that you are sensitive than I usually enjoy being assisted option. The goss, this ends is really hard to buy you. I haven't seen it in store, so it's one that you usually do get on line, same thing you take it at the time of eating. Those foods can help to break them down, Can then reduce symptoms.

Jono: So

Crystal Austin: I mean, Ah,

Jono: so

Crystal Austin: I just

Jono: I was

Crystal Austin: to say,

Jono: just

Crystal Austin: do

Jono: gonna.

Crystal Austin: you have

Jono: So,

Crystal Austin: experience

Jono: is

Crystal Austin: with

Jono: it?

Crystal Austin: those ones?

Jono: No, not not really

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: like, Like the lakes,

Crystal Austin: like t. yeah,

Jono: like lactade or lackts, You know the the brand names. Yes,

Crystal Austin: M.

Jono: definitely, that's a really helpful one, I think for a lot of people, although also we know that lacktos levels and foods are really varied and I think lacktosfree products are becoming just more and more prevalent. But

Crystal Austin: Yeah.

Jono: yeah, I haven't really used yet, bino.

Crystal Austin: In

Jono: I'm not even gonna try and say that the alpha ector

Crystal Austin: Tis,

Jono: need to practice that one. So is it less? so you're not? Is that you're sort of taking the end zone levels at that time above normal levels to get a heightened result, So you've got your normal base line zone levels to digest that food, which, like you said, you're not deficient or anything, in the case of, is, but by adding kind of a external amount of that, enzonwe're, getting a greater amount of enzine Ctivity, and that's reducing our sensitivity to that food.

Crystal Austin: So we're breaking ere adding the ends. I mean to start breaking the food down so that it doesn't travel down to the larger test on, and then broken down that further down, because when it's broken down that further down, that's when it's true symptom. so the endzinstart working on it earlier in the in the process to help to break it down and reduce the symptoms later on, because with, I mean, with all of the fodmatfodmaps they're all carbohydrate chains, and they're all different lengths of carbo hydrate chains, so we're trying to break them down into smaller chains so that there are more Easily digested for people who are sensitive.

Jono: Yeah,

Crystal Austin: Yeah, yeah,

Jono: The other one I want to ask about was podzmfor the time I think I'm saying that right, Is that that sort of a newer one? Is that the powder that you're supposed to or there, you can have the pills, or you can kind of

Crystal Austin: Just

Jono: sprinkle

Crystal Austin: a pound.

Jono: some powder on it. Hey,

Crystal Austin: I actually

Jono: look

Crystal Austin: have

Jono: out,

Crystal Austin: an example.

Jono: look out.

Crystal Austin: I've got a whole supplement draw here. I should have been pulling these out.

Jono: we've got props. Yes, amazing,

Crystal Austin: Yeah, so if Od is a new one on the market, this is just some circles that they sent me, so I just sing my client it welcome pact. So they control different things as well, So these are there like Travel one. So they come in a little like Sasha, basically a powder, and these new one in Th market. I think they're really around the last year or so, and they've done a combined number of end. so they have the two we've just spoken about. So they have one for like Tost and for Gus, and they have a newer ends in to break down terms, or in elan, which is also in garlic and onion. So their biggest marketing point is the newest, the only end at the moment that can actually break down garlic and onions. Yeah, like we were talking about earlier, it's to do with the carbohydrate chains, and what they do is they break down. those longer carbohydrate change into their foot to molecules, so they're breaking it down smaller so that when they move through, they're not actually trigorin. As many symptoms. If you're sensitive to that molecule, They have done some studies in simulated ball and had quite good results. They've shown some studies in healthy controls and had quite good results. But a Lieve. They haven't done the study specifically in people with B S. at this stage, So currently in waiting on that research to actually show Yes, it does work in people with I s as well, but so far all of their research has looked quite promising. Has good results. In practice, I've had a few people try it and similar. You know. a good percentage of people do see some improvement and then others haven't noticed much difference. These. This is something that I would introduce after Foma challenges again when we know what they're sensitive to, Because Only going to work on specific foods. So and it's quite expensive as well, so I'm quite targeted where I'd use it. So for example we

Jono: M.

Crystal Austin: might, They're really great for traveling or eating out, or when you don't have control to really give you that liberalization and take some of that stress and anxiety away from meal. So I think anything that can take stress and anxiety away from meals is a benefit. so Yes, wait and see, I think on this one, I'm currently using it for those kind of scenarios. A let clients sample it if they would like to, but I'm really curious to see where their research Go further with this. They're also developing an enzyme for sorbitol and Manito in the future, so I be really curious to see how that one goes as well.

Jono: Ah, I didn't know that that's really exciting

Crystal Austin: M.

Jono: because obviously, if we can get those sorts of results for different food maps, that would be phenomenal and I think I'm most excited about the fodzin because of the fruktan component, because I feel

Crystal Austin: Yes,

Jono: like of all the fodmahypodmat food, If someone is sensitive to fruktans and you're eating out, it's really difficult to dodge garlic and onion right.

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: So if there was an enzin that you could use to assist in that scenario, then would be very exciting. Keep our our eyes peeled. I guess,

Crystal Austin: Keep your eyes pale, watches space. You can trail it if if you are, If you know you're sensitive to those and just see how it works for you.

Jono: Um. and so then the The dishonorable mentions

Crystal Austin: Yes,

Jono: other other enzyme specific products or supplements that you would recommend avoiding. And then can you also talk to us about the fortified or added enzemstfoods and

Crystal Austin: M.

Jono: why those may be are as helpful

Crystal Austin: So the most common ones I see popping up are the Nzoms that we contain the body, so things like a light pays and nels. These ones we naturally produce a certain level of and helps us to break down all of our food and company. This is the one of the ones that company seem to be grabbing on to the most in the adding these zones into every product at low levels. And say you know Fnzimsor, help you break down your food, and unless you're deficient in those Nzims, they're probably not going to be doing anything, so it's not really giving you any Ben. It. If you're deficient in it, you probably have an issue with your pancreas. Um, and you are not producing enough these Nzimes. That is, there is a certain amount of people particular S. D. So they, about six per cent of people with ideas actually have something called pancreatipancreatic exercrime in sufficiency, so they're not producing enough of these digestive Nzims. And then we can supplement those with a medical dose. so it's usually a script from your doctor. That Dose for that is like, it's usually twenty, five thousand to fifty thousand to give you an idea of numbers. Whereas some of these supplements have like five hundred or a thousand, you know hugely different from the medical

Jono: Right

Crystal Austin: grade dose. And that's the thing. like, Yeah, great, they've added it in, but I, you're not missing the end and be that the dose is so little that it's probably not going to be making a different. so if you have this issue it's a medical condition. There's actual medical grade, Jose. We can use a lot of the time. The look sort of Broad spectrum digestive. Nzoms. don't recommend spending the money on because you're not missing. You're not missing Nzimsthat's. he thing? Baendrnwe're not missing Nzims. It's more to do with other processes in the digestion.

Jono: So even

Crystal Austin: Hm,

Jono: if it is just a digestive enzyme supplement, you'd be questioning whether they are deficient in that ends, and then be checking the dose

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: of each of those enzimes.

Crystal Austin: yeah, definitely so particularly when it's coming to Lilias and Miles, like, do you? actually? they're not the enzams that you're actually missing, So why would be supplementing with them? Um, Yeah, because you probably don't need them.

Jono: The common thread in every field of nutrition. More is not better,

Crystal Austin: Yes,

Jono: get the

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: right amount.

Crystal Austin: yeah, and there's

Jono: Yeah,

Crystal Austin: this sort of halo around supplements that it's healthy or it's natural, And so it's safe. But just because something is natural or a supplement doesn't mean it's safe doesn't mean it's effective, so I think that's the biggest myth to break. is that Yeah, it doesn't come without harm as well, necessarily, there can be risks to these things. So speaking with your medical team and finding out what's actually gonna be helpful. What's these base? and seeing if that works for your body,

Jono: Awesome,

Crystal Austin: M,

Jono: um, cool. Did you have anything further to add to what we chatted about today? Because I feel like.
Crystal Austin: Um.

Jono: Yeah, you're really

Crystal Austin: In terms

Jono: good.

Crystal Austin: of yeah, they're the main supplements. I think really like fiber supplements. This one is actually another one. Until this moment it's called flow, so p h l. o. This one is good for constipation, and basically they've taken the nim out of fruit, And so for those

Jono: Yeah,

Crystal Austin: that don't know fruit can be really great for constipation. They've shown having two fruit a day helps with more regular bow movements and more for satisfaction around that This ends specifically. It's a New Zealand supplement. They've taken that end out and put it in a supplement. It can be helpful with more regular our movements, Particularly if keywefruit. You don't like them. What you? They're not always accessible all year around, So this is another option for there. It's just a little bit easier. again. The issue with this one is that it does contain a mult, which is another flop group. so knowing your fodmupsensitivities if that's a path where you've gone down, will help decide if that's going to be the right one for you. It As ever, that sort of so much mental group,

Jono: Yeah, I'm

Crystal Austin: M.

Jono: not familiar with that supplement. I

Crystal Austin: yeah,

Jono: love me to K. fruit for clients with constanpation.

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: That's a

Crystal Austin: yeah,

Jono: classic

Crystal Austin: so this is

Jono: of the

Crystal Austin: that

Jono: genera, but

Crystal Austin: for those

Jono: that's

Crystal Austin: that don't

Jono: yeah.

Crystal Austin: want

Jono: that's

Crystal Austin: to eat

Jono: great.

Crystal Austin: the fruit, this is the fruit up and like it again. Not something I've used super often. It's more that kind of like, really, really looking for something extra to get things smoothing. That kind of promotes natural contractions without using a active.

Jono: Yeah, awesome

Crystal Austin: the only supplement. I think we haven't. There's a couple of other ones out there that people might have heard of one big glue to men. So glue to man is kind of one that Are saying to take for health, and for is, at this stage there has been one study that did show an improvement when used with the loaf on that diet May be helpful for people with Ibsdibut. Really, I watch this space one at the moment, not suddenly, I recommend at the moment another one is melatonan, So Melatonin does have some start research behind it for helping people with B. S. more. so I find this beneficial in people that are working shift work, so I do see a lot of nurses Or shift workers come through my doors who are struggling to get symptoms and Melotoneand may be beneficial for those people with symptoms as well.

Jono: And not individual advice is.

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: do you use the Melton in a similar way that you used to regulate secadianrhythms and sleep as well, Or is it a lower dose or of scenario?

Crystal Austin: So dosage is three. I think it's three milligrams that's been shown across a number of studies That that's helpful. The theory is behind the Acadian rhythm, So it sicating rhythm does help our sleep cycles, but it also does control or does does dictate our bow function and our digestive health as well. So if you're sicatng, rhythm is off Because you are working is and you're seen all different lights. You know your whole rhythm is off. Meliton can help to regulate that and therefore can potentially help it Its symptoms as well. So again, I think I've seen, I believe, Don't quote me, but I think in the studies they were looking more at I, v, s. D as well, some more dietro predominant, and just global Iv symptoms.

Jono: Yeah,

Crystal Austin: M.

Jono: hat's a good shift work and the sucainrithm distruptions are fun. one, isn't it? And

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: glue to mean glue is they got health goes, favorite little baby, I think at the moment I've seen clients on silly amounts of glue just to

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: support health,

Crystal Austin: yeah, yeah, and

Jono: so

Crystal Austin: that's yeah. I think that's an important one to usually address. Because again, sure if it's helping you can continue, but at the moment it's not really supported by research, so we could spend that money somewhere else, and instead of you're taking these twenty different things like we can just narrow down and focus on a better plan.

Jono: For sure ye, the more specific, the better I have one more question for you when you eat a fruit. Do you eat the skin?

Crystal Austin: Absolutely not,

Jono: It's

Crystal Austin: but

Jono: so weird right like

Crystal Austin: no,

Jono: I

Crystal Austin: I cannot.

Jono: get it. it's healthier

Crystal Austin: No,

Jono: like.

Crystal Austin: I don't care. I, yeahi'mi'm. a gold key fret fan. But

Jono: Oh, yeah,

Crystal Austin: the green lines I find just struggle. but

Jono: Yeah,

Crystal Austin: they help. They help the magic for constipation. For some people they are literally. If you you want a golden bullet, Some people they are a golden bullet.

Jono: Yeah, that's why I'm going to first thing I'm doing with you. This is. I'm gonna check out that stuff. Because yeah, there are definitely times where clients just straight up like fruit. or it definitely is seasonal, or you've got clients in more rural areas where doesn't travel particularly well,

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: So that's

Crystal Austin: yeah, definitely

Jono: that's great. look into that. but

Crystal Austin: do you.

Jono: yeah,

Crystal Austin: Can I touch one more?

Jono: yes, please. Yeah,

Crystal Austin: Just

Jono: more

Crystal Austin: one more

Jono: than me.

Crystal Austin: came. One more just came to my head. Charcoal because people people see bsessthe charcoal

Jono: Yes,

Crystal Austin: charcoal, so

Jono: yeah,

Crystal Austin: charcoal kind of absorbs everything, And the issue that I have with charcoal is that it can absorb your new trance. So if you are taking charcoal all day to help reduce your blot and reduce your symptoms, also Absorbing your good nutrients and also eliminating them from the body, So it's one of those ones that it's not necessarily saying No ly One recommend continuing because it can have that nebitive impact.

Jono: Yeah, that's the whole. You know, the fact that they use it in the D for you, poison

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: that sort of bines with everything. And

Crystal Austin: Finds

Jono: so

Crystal Austin: it

Jono: yeah,

Crystal Austin: everything.

Jono: there are people that have been on it for ages,

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: but I'm sure there's another supplement that they're supposed to take after the charcoal to fix the vitaminmineral efficiencies

Crystal Austin: Baby probioticeah.

Jono: that the charcoal has caused. A Yeah,

Crystal Austin: yea, The other one would be. So the all problems had The Vera is an other one That a lot of people

Jono: Okay,

Crystal Austin: told to take alivirais. not recommended in. S. It's actually in the guide lines. Do not take. The side effects include cramping, diario, paying to things we don't want.

Jono: Things that sound suspiciously similar to Is

Crystal Austin: Yeah, so Alvira

Jono: okay

Crystal Austin: is one that I do see promoted quite heavily in some fields. But yeah, official guide lines, I recommend them and they do carry a few side effects that can have that negative impact as well.

Jono: Absolutely,

Crystal Austin: M.

Jono: and I'm sure in the next six months there'll be another thing that's being pushed around to help with God health.

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: Like the whole college and gelatin thing for health, know all of those sorts of things, So

Crystal Austin: M.

Jono: can we can we touch on that quickly? I guess

Crystal Austin: yeah,

Jono: Yeah, supplementing with that or having bone breath because it's rich in college

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: and and supporting God health. Do you

Crystal Austin: yeah,

Jono: need to take a deep breath? And then

Crystal Austin: I think it's just like anything. I think you know when you're when you're online or you're following Certain people. Just put your glasses on. Like to think about what they're promoting And if they're promoting a magic fix or a quick solution, then forget it, and if anything is popped up as this new super food or magic supple. he, all of a sudden that you see everyone starts promoting. You know. it's probably it. Probably not not evidence based, and you'll see some of us talking about it if if it is, but yeah, College is one of those ones that I'm not aware of any research that supports forgot health, or for it, I think that there's other places that we can, other things we can use that would have more of an effect.

Jono: Yeah, I also wonder how often that stuff is driven by a company has just kicked off a new influence of marketing campaign. And so the

Crystal Austin: Sure,

Jono: fact that suddenly everyone's talking about it is because suddenly everyone's getting paid to talk.

Crystal Austin: Yeah, yeah, a lot of the time and I think like a lot of. I think the college and gludamainstuff comes back to this big thing around leaky gut, so like got. It's real. Like gets real, so called intestinal pomaability, but it's not a condition on its self, It's more of a symptom or side effect of other things happening. So like if you've been

Jono: M.

Crystal Austin: diagnosed with lekgutit's, not a real diagnosis and we don't know target treatment at that, target treatment and other things, and that that typical will improve it. You got alongside it, leak or intestinal permiability, or also shifts and changes all the time, So you may have captured a snapshot of it, or they might think they had to capture a snapshot of it, but it's not necesary reflection of what it's doing every single day or every single week. But you know there's

Jono: Yeah,

Crystal Austin: a whole other tangents I could go down

Jono: I'll say that's another podcast

Crystal Austin: on.

Jono: The

Crystal Austin: Yeah, yeah,

Jono: leaky

Crystal Austin: I could

Jono: got.

Crystal Austin: probably stop

Jono: Yeah,

Crystal Austin: there. I think you know we talked about the positive ones. One that you can help if you're taking a bunch of other things, You stop it. start fresh end. Think about the foundations you can do first and then supplement. maybe one or two on top of it, but you shouldn't be taking

Jono: M.

Crystal Austin: heaps and heaps of these.

Jono: Yeah, definitely, I love that point as well about if you are taking a bunch of things Stop. Basically, you know, we're not talking about things prescribed by a doctor for

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: medications or deficiencies and things, but yes, you're right. It's not uncommon for someone in this space who is struggling with their is to be taking a whole list of supplements. So yea, I love that life style. Stop doing what you're doing with these supplements

Crystal Austin: Yeah,

Jono: and then the ones that we have chatted about today, which may be beneficial again. Even the ones that were beneficial you had till be very spec With like well, this certain type of person might benefit, but this other person wouldn't, or it. Could you know you take that the fruit and on which I'm super excited about,

Crystal Austin: Oh,

Jono: as I've said, But you know you've got manito sorbetole sensitivity. Then it's going to cause problems as well. So it's it's not. There is no golden bullet. Unfortunately, we're still looking for one because that would actually be amazing. but it is nice

Crystal Austin: First,

Jono: to know there's

Crystal Austin: I'll

Jono: this

Crystal Austin: get

Jono: stuff

Crystal Austin: it too.

Jono: coming.

Crystal Austin: If there's a good bit coming, I'll sign up Just

Jono: That would? That would

Crystal Austin: it's

Jono: make

Crystal Austin: just just

Jono: our lives

Crystal Austin: a

Jono: so much easier.

Crystal Austin: Yeah. I think you know when you understand why I v s happens and what the pathways in the body, which I do include with my clients in the program like I do have. I do, teach them about why it's actually happening when you can really think about that it. These things make less, makes more sense why we don't want to take certain things, and why there's not a magic bullet. Because it's not to do with. No, it's not a specific Enon that you're missing it. Not one single thing it's to do with this whole over all functioning state of your body,

Jono: Yeah, yeah, that's a. Yeah. Another really good point. If it's due to multiple things

Crystal Austin: M,

Jono: occurring, why is one thing going to suddenly address all of those so

Crystal Austin: M, m,

Jono: umasomethank you So much for your time. it has been

Crystal Austin: M,

Jono: a killer chat. I've loved noting out a little bit on some supplement stuff I do, even though mostly supplement so depressing because most of them don't work. They're still very fun to talk about, and like we said, there are some positive ones and some ones with potential, which is, so thank you for unpacking those for Um, and for everyone. listening. If they want more information, if they want to learn more about is or you know, work with you with their B. S. Where's the best place to find,

Crystal Austin: So, Instagram really is the best place to find me, So it's Ibspoapdietition. You can also go to my website, which is Crystal Austin, Nutrition Dot com. But yeah, Instagram is, usually the easiest. You can send me a message on there and we can have a chat on. Do have a couple of different programs that I help clients with. I also have a few free resources there that you can down, load or free. We, an you can come along to, so reach out to me there.

Jono: So, I'll link that in the show, Of course, but definitely echoing, Jump into crystals, Instagram. There's lots of great grocery hack. source hacks dips, flavoring all of those kinds of the tricky parts of the low five map diet, The ones that are difficult to navigate. so definitely check out that. but again, thanks so much for jumping on. and I'll definitely we have to chat about all of the lekegutll, of the other things that we could talk about in the future.

Crystal Austin: Part two, say,

Jono: Yes,

Crystal Austin: thank you, Thank you very

Jono: I

Crystal Austin: much.

Jono: wasn't no worries, thank you.