Plant Powered Performance

James Newbury has done some pretty epic things. 

You probably know him thanks to his Crossfit days, but he’s also completed triathlons, marathons and powerlifting competitions, started multiple businesses and is also just bloody lovely.

We sat down to have a chat about how he juggles training, business and life and how he fuels it all on a plant based diet.


Jono: Welcome back to the Bite Me Nutrition podcast, today, I have the incredible James Newbury with me and I'm really excited to ask him lots of questions. Welcome, hello, James. thanks for jumping on and having a chat.


James Newbury: Mate thanks so much. I really appreciate it. I've been following your stuff for ages and I'm so so stoaked that you wanted to have me on, so I'm pumped for a cool convo.


Jono: So thank yeah, I've same. same, been following you for a while, and like I said, off air, hundreds of questions I could ask you,


James Newbury: Ah


Jono: but we'll try and keep it. E'll try to summarize it. We'll try and keep it brief, but I guess to start at the start, I'll let you introduce yourself. Who are you? What do you do and why do you do it? 


James Newbury: Great, so my name is James Newbury, Thirty two years old. I grew up playing every sport under the sun. I wanted to be, you know, always kept kept occupied, and I get bored easily, so I always wanted to chuck my hand up and play absolutely everything whenever I could, And now was also a really good excuse to get out of a day at school, So playing tarth, playing nap ball, Colfball, Everything I could do, Abminson touch footy, whatever there was, I was like keen to have a crack,


Jono: Love it.


James Newbury: And I guess I'm probably known in a niche category mostly for cross fit, but I like to dabble in a bunch of different stuff. I've been competitive full time athlete for about ten years. I owned a gym. I owned a gym in Adelaide for ten years Throughout that period, To and then, when I transitioned into full time competing, I kind of took preference, and you know, just basically spent, spent my days, my weeks, and my years just training and trying to figure out how to best get the most out of My body, trying to optimize the way that I did every single task, trying to optimize the way that I slept, the way that I ate, the way that I trained the way that I thought, the way that I communicated all these things a way that I competed. So I spent the last kind of decade doing that. I'm currently living on the Gold coast and absolutely loving it. I should have moved back to Queensland


Jono: Uh, huh.


James Newbury: five years ago. I actually used to live in Brisbon, So, but I grew up in Adelaide, so that was kind of that's home, born in Catumbar, New South Wales, And I guess the reason why I do what I do is just over the course of the last ten years or fifteen years. Really, it's kind of changed as you mature, and you go through all these different phases of the journey. You kind of figure out what gets you fired up, what doesn't get you fired up. And for me it's all about the experience. I just want to gather as much experience as I can. I want to, and that experience could be something that I do myself so low, or that experience could be meeting somebody new, Or that experience could be sharing something with somebody else. Um, so I do it all for the experience, building the memory bank. And yeah, just trying to figure out what. what makes me happy. What fires me up? What gets me jumping out of bed? That type of stuff? That's why I do what I do.


Jono: Yeah, that's awesome. Yeah, I didn't know you. You originally from from Brisbane, In a sense where it spent some time is. so yeah, I'm glad you're back because it's other than the humidity, it's pretty and it's a very humid day.


James Newbury: If you could see the rest of the shirt. I am so sweaty right now.


Jono: It's been gross anyway. so here I am talking to James. we're talking about the weather you mentioned Like looking to optimi every facet You know. sleep training, nutrition and opposite nutrition is part of what I do. When did that kind of focus or fascination with nutrition start? Was it right at the beginning of your sporting career or did it sort of develop further into that career?


James Newbury: It definitely started when I first wanted to get bigger in the gym. When I was like thirteen. fourteen years old. I, you know, would read the blog Body Building Dot Com. I would have mates from you know at school that we would go and meet and go to the gym before school and we would all talk about. You know the next best way to to periods, body building training, and how to link all in with. you know, running and playing. I played rugby league semi professionally for a few years there. I just wanted to. I wanted to bulk up, so I became fascinated with nutrition at that point, but back when you re a teen ager, you're almost your fascination with supplements. Was actually, it took prefidence


Jono: M.


James Newbury: Over and above, you know quality food. You kind of think to yourself, I can just kind of keep eating the way I am, but you're looking for that, you know magic pill. that's going to make you like epical stronger. You know that next career team that's going to make you better.


Jono: Yeah, 


James Newbury: And then I remember a couple of coaches that I had back in the day said you can get it all out of food. I was like That's no fun. you know, You just get it all out. It's no fun at all. I want the next


James Newbury: cuplement and then from there it kind of transition and I started taking it more seriously when I was when I met my ex partner. She was very much into nutrition as well, and you know we were taking the dive into, you know, trying to eat variety and trying to get colors, and trying to, you know, shot shot


Jono: M.


James Newbury: the local markets and things like that, And that was around twenty one, and that's where I started Looking at. You know ways that I could implement all these different types of foods that I wouldn't normally have you be even exposed to things that were you know, maybe yielding more antioxidents or more vitums and minerals, or where they come from, or you know, introducing


Jono: M.


James Newbury: the rainbow into the diet rather than just you know, the plain old, you know, beef men, rice


Jono: Brokely,


James Newbury: and eahroerly. that's pretty much it. So


Jono: yep,


James Newbury: it really kicked off when I was about twenty one, and I became super fascinated with the way I could, the way that I could help myself compete when I jumped like I drove into the cross fit space. How can I turbo charge everything to get the most out of my body. I wanted to last longer on the floor. I wanted to be out of quick.


Jono: M.


James Newbury: I want to run a little faster and be left a little bit heavier, and I kind of figured at the time if I'm giving myself all of these cool compounds from a variety of different foods that is going to be a. Obviously, Hite's gonna be hopefully a health benefit or a performance benefit there. and that's where it all kind of start It.


Jono: Yeah, it's such a starting with supplements and then moving into, I guess almost macro. Hey, it's like


James Newbury: Yes,


Jono: you know, beef mince rice broccoli, and then the health component almost seems irrelevant until you realize. Hang, if I want this machine to work at its peak, probably wanted to be healthy and that's where like you look at any occident and muscle growth in. I don't know, In the simplest terms, don't seem to be linked. but at the same time, if you want that machine To grow and perform the


James Newbury: hand. Yeah, Well, and the other thing that I've always been heavily focused on, and even even being fiercely competitive, I love to compete and I love to have a crack, and I love to push myself really really hard, but at the same time, I always kept the longevity standpoint of my body and my mind,


Jono: M,


James Newbury: you know, a very high property. I never wanted to sacrifice years off my life or broken knees, broken shoulders For a gold medal. Somewhere that didn't fire me up, I wanted to compete and I would go hard and I would send for sure, but I never wanted. If it was like, Hey, you're going to do great and you might get a gold medal or you're going to get a gold medal, but you're going to be hobbling around by the time you're fifty five. I would have said thanks, but no thanks. I'd rather sir.


Jono: Totally, that's such a big part as well, all of those athletes that even mid thirties right like early forties, who just can't do you know anything of what they did in their youth because maybe they kind of got away with it with effort and genetics, and then didn't take care of that longevity piece. So


Jono: which is sad


James Newbury: that's exactly right. So I was. I was really. I was really wound up in. Okay if I can give, give my body as much of the stuff that I'm hearing and like recurgitating and trying to take on from podcast and reading and talking to people, because I'm a nutrition. I'm not a nutritionist. At any point, I'm not a natural path. I'm not a dietitian. Nothing like that, but I just try and absorb as much information. If something resonates


Jono: M.


James Newbury: with me. I kind of keep it. keep it on. Keep it on board. The aim of the game was to give to my body what it needs to be able to regenerate, recover, and also promote promote health, wellness, Longevity, and if


Jono: M.


James Newbury: at the same time I felt like, no matter what the goal was, whether it's to be the ultimate athlete or to be megamegahealthy. In essence, they're the same thing. It's just how much you turn that turn that wind it up to the degree or the intensity that you want. You know. I feel like for someone who just wants to be healthy, they're gonna be eating. You know, a big, wide variety of food to try and create diversity. Just trying to get all the colors and nutrients and everything in. That's the same thing as an athlete. To it just is that you know you just pare it with, you know, five hours in the gym and you try and to


Jono: Yeah,


James Newbury: everything else and you know that's just the way it kind of works, so I kind of felt like they go hand in hand.


Jono: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. And so you mentioned. I guess the fascination of the focus started when starting in the gym and wanting to get as big as possible, you gain muscle and things like that. and then I know that recently your diet is shifted, I think in the last sort of two to three years to you exclusively plant based, and I'm sure you was more sick of it than I am frustrating


James Newbury: Sorry.


Jono: around the stigma around. If you want to call it that


James Newbury: Yeah,


Jono: plant based diets and muscle growth on, I understand, I think you were a bit hesitant to jump in because of that


James Newbury: Yeah, absolutely


Jono: noise. Shall we say


James Newbury: yeah.


Jono: you throw the other side. What's your experience being with it now in terms of plant based and performance and growth recovery, all of that stuff,


James Newbury: Yeah. so I went fully vegan in the middle of twenty nineteen, or just late late twenty nineteen. Honestly, no better, no worse. it's been. It's like I feel. I feel the same as I did the day before I went you one hundred cent plan base, don't I'm not superhuman? Hasn't turned me into a an absolute animal. I don't feel like I'm recovering faster or slower. I honestly just feel the same. I feel the same. My progression in the gym has been. probably, I feel like it would be the same whether I was, you know, still eating and omnivorous diet or not. I haven't lost any strength. I haven't lost any capacity like I run better now, but the only reason why I'm running better now is because I focus a little bit more on running, and when I focus on strength, I get stronger. I've hit pears in, you know, my back squat, my dead left, my my bench press like whist being plant based, and you know not just just plant, But two years deep into it. I've done strong and


Jono: M.


James Newbury: Tom lifted my heaviest stone doing it too, but I've also run my fastest marathon at the same time, so it's been no better, no worse, and I think the progressio would have been the same. What I do feel. What I do feel is, I just feel like it just resonates with me in the way that I feel as a person and where I sit, you know, within myself. it just feels like a better choice for me. So like I'm definitely not one to sit here, and you know, Pump the tires on veganism and and you know, say that this is the only way until people. This is how you have to do it. and you know and may be spit out. just you know or recurgitate. what people say is like. this is gonna make you feel so much better, and Yu're gonna feel way less inflamed. It's just like I don't even know what inflamed feels like. Like I get sore like everybody else when you go into the gym. You know like it's not. It's


Jono: Yeah,


James Newbury: not for me. I feel the same, but I've been loving it, and honestly, from the way that I feel now three years deep Like I have no need want, desire to go back to eating animal products. I just don't feel like. If I don't feel like it's necessary for me to do like an absolute die need, then I don't feel like I need to do it.


Jono: Yeah, man, I can't wait to take that snap out and


James Newbury: Uh,


Jono: pasted all over social media. That,


James Newbury: yeah, yeah,


Jono: because I don't know, maybe it's the echo chamber I'm in. I don't get too much of the vegan will be better for your performance, but I get a tin of Vigan will be worse, or you know you can't optimize growth or recovery or performance on a plan based diet And it's which is we know. if we're looking at the evidence is garbage Nd. It's also great to hear that that's been. You know you are operating at the the performance And like you said, notice, no real change in your performance is awesome. you know like that's


James Newbury: Yeah, look the only the


Jono: what


James Newbury: only


Jono: the


James Newbury: bearing.


Jono: message


James Newbury: Yeah, yeah, look, I think that's that's the. That's the realness of the the story. That's you know. That's the whole truth and it's it's. It's a funny one because I feel like I feel like. along the way there's you know it's either all or nothing with a lot of people and you know I feel like you just have to do what feels right for you in that point in time. And you know I've had a really good experience you know, Umping across like I just made the decision one day in the car and I tried it back in two thousand and thirteen. I think, for you know, a month or a month and a half or something like that, and I felt the same then To it Didn't change anything. I just didn't feel enough of a desire or need or a want, or you know, the social. The social pressure that I had from the outside may be dictated a little bit what what I was doing, But nowadays so I just don't care that much. I'm kind of just like you know. This is what works for me. It's what I enjoy.


Jono: Do. My thing.


James Newbury: And and the thing is it's it's. It's something that I think a lot of people will say. It's definitely going to. You know, I was told back at the start you are going to feel terrible in six months time, six months. time rolled around. I felt the same. They said, I know it's definitely the twelve month mark. Got to the twelve month mark. I felt the same


Jono: Yeah,


James Newbury: and it's like Wait until you do it for two years. Been doing it. Two years, Still feel the same And now we're up to almost three years now and I still


Jono: Five


James Newbury: feel


Jono: years though five years look


James Newbury: I


Jono: out.


James Newbury: wait until you hit five years. You B. twelve will be so low. D you're gonna feel like trash


Jono: Yeah, yeah, it's man. It's wild, isn't


James Newbury: And


Jono: it? I think


James Newbury: I was on. I was going to actually add on to that, the the only thing that has dictated my performance other than other than you know, making sure that I got good quality sleep. You know, my recovery s on point. The only thing that really changes the dial is my training. Like when I focus heavy on weight training, I get strong When I focus heavy on running. I get I'm a better runner. When I focus on cross fit, I become better a cross fit at the mome, My soul, focus on my, my daily, my daily fire. To get up out of the morn in the morning is to work on my businesses Now, Even that's my number one priority. I still have foundational things that I put in place that do take priority to that so I can do that number one Priory better, but now nowadays, instead of spending five hours in the general, six hours in the gym, I'm spending basically aside from my hour training, Maybe a two hour training block if I've got time, but I spend the rest of the time working, so that was never the case back when I was competing full time, so yes, whilst I may not be as good a cross fit competitor as I was back in the day when I was training six hours a day, and now I'm only training one, So that's been the


Jono: Makes


James Newbury: only


Jono: sense.


James Newbury: real game exactly. You know, that's the only real


Jono: Yeah,


James Newbury: game how good performance is, but I'll still hit ninety percent of all my all of my all time list still to this day, and I don't put that much of an emphasis on it. The thing that bring


Jono: M.


James Newbury: me up Is business at the moment and creating creating really cool relationship with people and having a good time.


Jono: Yeah, hounds pretty good. pretty good to me, And it's so it's so important that training piece, obviously very passionate about food. It's literally


James Newbury: Yeah,


Jono: my job,


James Newbury: yeah,


Jono: but a number of times I have clients who want to You know, I want to gain muscle or I want to get fast or stronger fit. or what have you? And the first question I'm always going to ask is what's your training program? Because I can give you the best muscle building diet in the world with me Without me. It doesn't matter if you're training is not on point, or at least somewhat. Nothing is going to change right like I think that's overlooked a lot when people especially talk about plan based and worry about gaining muscle. Like if you're training is not in point. Doesn't matter what you're eating


James Newbury: Yeah,


Jono: right.


James Newbury: I do agree, And you know there was that old statement and I agree with it to a degree, and I and I disagree


Jono: Yeah,


James Newbury: with it to a degree. It's the. you know, you can't out train a bad diet. Now it depends depends.


Jono: I get where they coming from, but you're right. yeah.


James Newbury: Yeah,


Jono: yeah,


James Newbury: it's like your skill acquisition that you. you might go. You might have a terrible terrible diet. But then you start running. Unless say, you keep the diet the same, but you start running. you will become a better runner. Even on a Diet, you'll become a better human and a better runner if you eat a better diet, because everything will be functioning


Jono: Yeah.


James Newbury: optimalely. It's just to the degree eventually when you're looking for those one percent changes, or those two percent, or even up to the five per cent, you know those diet things are going a come into play. But then it's also looking at the longevity aspect of what you're doing to your body on a regular basis, and you know those incremental, those incremental things that we do on a regular basis. Of those You know, nonnegotiables, That'll add up in the end and yes, whilst you know every week when you first start across it, you'll be hitting Ps every week and you will progress. You will be you ill come better, and then you know you kind of out your out training or diet to a degree, but when you're looking at things from the wholistic picture, adding the diet is going to be better for you. Got macrobiami gonna be better for your mental state. It's gonna be better for you know, inflammation, muscle growth all those types of things, So we do need to take Those things into account. and if you can get that wholistic approach happening where you are adding that our beautiful nutrition to right, type of life style which the life style has so many factors involved in that, in my belief is you know, it comes down to your daily habits in routine that comes down O the people you hang around where that comes down to your training. And then if you adding know that other circle there is, you know how healthy is that microbium, and that all plays an integral role in this whole big holistic picture. You know. that's That's kind of where I'm looking at things from, and you know, prior to going plant based, I had a you know what would be perceived as a healthy diet and I still look at and think ye. that is, you know better than most, but I guess it's it's all what really resonates with the person and everybody is so individual. Everybody has a complete different make up. They have a different mind that they have a different. they have different flora. They have. you know, different training styles that fire them up and you've got to do it suits you.


Jono: Yeah. are you trying to tell me it's not one size fiscal or it's not


James Newbury: Yes,


Jono: like I get. the. I also get the appeal of simplifying things. Obviously, it's good for massaging. It's good to get. You don't want to over complicate stuff because it can put people off and me, but at the same time I think you can significantly over simplify it to be it's all diet or it's all training or you just need eat this way. You just need train this way and then


James Newbury: Yeah,


Jono: yeah, it is such a. I hear, it's eighty percent diet, twenty percent training one more time


James Newbury: Yeah, it's it's


Jono: Going


James Newbury: not


Jono: to


James Newbury: that.


Jono: lose it.


James Newbury: it's not a simple. It's not a simple. It's really.


Jono: Yeah, it's


James Newbury: you


Jono: a


James Newbury: know.


Jono: hundred percent everything right.


James Newbury: Yeah, exactly. and you also, and I think for you, and you would probably see this the most. when you're coaching someone, you might find that the trigger for the person that you're working with on Monday is going eighty percent diet and twenty percent training, But Tuesday, when you've got someone new, they might be eighty percent training, twenty percent diet. and then you start to


Jono: Totally


James Newbury: evolve as you go. So it's really how


Jono: Yeah,


James Newbury: you approach the person As an individual and you probably know that better than


Jono: Yeah,


James Newbury: anybody.


Jono: yeah. well, you find what's there. What's the biggest block in their life, And you work through that and it could be. And like you said, it could be lifestyfright. Their diet might be Oka. Their training might be okay, but they might be stressed out their mind with work or finances or personal relationships, and so again, trying to focus on one thing when you're not taking care of those other circles like you said. It's just it's the recipe to. You're just gonna get frustrated.


James Newbury: Exactly


Jono: Basically


James Newbury: exactly That is


Jono: so


James Newbury: that it's so right. I truly believe in that.


Jono: Yeah, I've got to check my note. Be gonna get this right, So


James Newbury: Yeah,


Jono: you've completed an Iron Man Triton for fun. You've done an Olympic distant tract on the day after a cross it open. I think a couple of workouts you jumped into a power lifting competition whilst rapping for a half Iron Man. I thought those were typos, but


James Newbury: Uh,


Jono: is that legis


James Newbury: uh,


Jono: that all? Is that the crazy training of James?


James Newbury: Yeah, it's that's pretty. on point. He. the strong man,


Jono: Yeah, wild.


James Newbury: like the National qualify was actually the day before the Iron Man, So yeah, I did. I did the Strong Man


Jono: Yep.


James Newbury: Conn, Saturday, and then I did the


Jono: yep.


James Newbury: Melborn seventy point three on the Sunday. Ah, That was a fun weekend Like. I really just wanted to see you know if that kind of could be done and how well it could be done. And and I don't know. Probably people really hate me for it. I didn't do a ton of training getting ready for those things, but I would love to see what is What is achievable. I was actually do a block of training again Ever since I stopped, you know, really focusing on training blocks and I wanted to jump into business and focus my efforts there. I haven't been fired up to follow a program, so


Jono: M.


James Newbury: I've been doing everything very very casually, very very frivolously. I just you go about my business and say okay, gonna lift something heavy today and then next day I was like I'm just gonna go for ten k, run. And then the next day I was like Okay, Like do a body building session And you know that's my accessory, But I didn't have that plan. There was not a planned out, you know routine and getting ready for Melbourne, Seven point three I was, but you know, maybe writing my bia four hours a week running. you know, maybe ten case three times a week, and then I was swimming, Say once a week, and then for the strong man stuff might be lifting something heavy twice a week, so that was kind


Jono: M.


James Newbury: of how I rolled with that, but yeah, I've done a couple of like, full distance in mans, like long course in man in Bustleton, I've done it Of a bunch of trifpons, just jumping a cross. It coms whenever I can. And you know the thing that you know, I love competition, and ever since I've shifted my focus from lays of focus across it, everything, training, everything, nutrition, sleep routine, everything, I've now shifted it across to wards, as I mentioned that business aspect, but I still get such a kick out of getting out there and having having having a throw down with a bunch of people I don't know, meeting people, so I kind of just try and register for as many random things as like And put my fitness to use. and if I keep using my fitness, it's not going to drop off dramatically in the way that most people will think


Jono: Totally


James Newbury: you know. I might go, for instance, in the last and again, people probably won't believe me, but I don't know how any more honest I can be here, but in the last say eighteen months, I've may be gone and built up to a heavy clean, I would say three times, but you know my all time best have a clean and jerk hundred and sixty kilos. Maybe Since that period of time, I may be built up three times, and I still like the other day. I still had a hundred and fifty kilos So, but I've been testing myself with, you know, squatting from time to time like I might. There are periods there where I might squat once a fortnight, or there are periods there where I might run


Jono: M.


James Newbury: once a fortnight, But then you know, Ebsand flows and everything is just very random at the moment, but I try and get out and I test myself in some capacity each day, and you know what I think this is, and I don't know whether other people would agree with me or not, But Let's say you have two hundred cilobacksquat. Then you don't touch back squats for six months, But you run for that six months. You know you're running. Say you know twice a week or three times a week, and then you might go and do a random cross fit session, but not a lot of squatting at all. I still feel like that, that zone to heart rate running stuff. I think you'll still be better off with your back squat if you didn't do anything at all. You know, I feel like that will keep your muscles working to a degree, and I feel like


Jono: Yeah.


James Newbury: a player roll. Even if this, You know, if you looked it on a piece of paper, it's two ends of the spectrum. I still feel like it keeps you rapped for some other things, which is what I found has been working. really. really. Well,


Jono: I think it's the whole power of the strong man. No cardio like you know that that chestnut. I think I think we're getting away from that. Maybe


James Newbury: Yeah,


Jono: not in all camps, but it is. you know if if your general fitness and your capacity to recover is is something that you're continuing to use, then it makes sense that your okay, your two percent strength might take a bit of a hit, but you're not going to. You're not going to have our squatter, you clean or something, just Because you know you're not hitting it sort of weekly.


James Newbury: Yeah, I agree. I agree.


Jono:How do you like? I don't need your day to day diet? But how do you feel for such a very training regime? Or you know, jumping into an in and jumping into camps to you. How do you approach that? Do you adjust things day to day? You kind of look at to week. What's the process?


James Newbury: So typically what I do? you know? you know, I've stuck to macro before I've done zone way back in the day. I've eaten to a particular style of diet before Now. Nowadays that I've been doing it so long, I just eat intuitively. I have a feeling in my body. It tells me like, Hey, I feel like you've just worked out. Want some carbohydrate? I want a bit of an, a little bit of that, and then I just go to my go tos, whatever they may be, whether it's Smooth or a smooth bowl, or you know, oats, but typically what I'm looking for when I'm on a day to day regular basis, I'll wake can give you a quick run down. and what a day looks like, On average, at the moment I'll wake up. I'll drink maybe seven hundred mills of water. I'll go to the coffee shop. I'll grab an oat milk or an almond milk late with an extra shot, so I get a strong coffee. Then I sit there and I'll do some work. I'll go to the gym at five thirty. I'll do a cross fit class from five thirty to six thirty. This has been a little bit more Regular now that we're into the open and things like that, and I also don't have a ton of time to go out for a sixty minute run, so I'm just like I'll go to a cross fit class and G. P. P is like keeping me


Jono: Yeah,


James Newbury: sane at the moment, and then after


Jono: yeah,


James Newbury: that I might not eat again. I might go sit down and get some work done, and I might get another coffee at that point in time, and then at about maybe ten o'clock, so right before I jumped on on this call here, I had a bowl of oats, I put some protein in there. I put berries on top. I put some popetas, I put some Brazil nuts, A little bit of granola, and then if I do have actually like rasberries and things like that or God, berries, I'll chuck them on top and that's like that's my, you know, my breakfast, and then in a couple of hours time, so I basically don't eat until ten o'clock Most days I'll do a little bit of train. I'll hydrate, I'll fast for a bit longer. I don't need to eat straight away. I don't have a protean shake straight after training any more. I just don't feel like I need it. You know, if I was, you know, gunning and I wanted to make some crucial changes. Maybe I would. maybe I wouldn't, And then in a few hours time I will probably sit down and I'll either get a you know like a Si bowl. I'll add some protein to that where I'll make it at home, and I'll go out and grab one and then I might add, You know if I'm extra hungry. If the training session was a heavy strength base session, I might get something else in, whether it's you know, like a top rap or something like that, That might have some you know, pumpkin and a bunch of salad in there, and then you know a few hours after that I might sit down and I might sit down Like a folafflbowl, with a bunch of greens at the bottom and a bit of rice, Jasmin, or as mardi rice, and I'll just chuck as many different colors as I can of mushrooms and tomato. some garlic, maybe chop up some, chop up some for laffl, and then later that night for like a dinner, which is usually before eight o'clock, I'll sit down and might do like like a temp bowl or a like Ramon bowl or something like that. You know, with you know, like glutanfree noodles, like a vegetable Off, and then chuck as many herbs and spices as I can and then maybe as a nightcap, have a protein shake before I go to bed and then I'll sit there and that's pretty much me, and make sure I'm hydrated throughout that whole period of time. but that's roughly what a day looks like. Nothing too crazy.


Jono: Yeah, I mean, that's so boring. When's


James Newbury: I,


Jono: all the secret source wears or that? I? I mean that lie


James Newbury: Yeah,


Jono: in a good way, right. Everyone's


James Newbury: I know


Jono: looking


James Newbury: I


Jono: for


James Newbury: know. now


Jono: that one percent Or what's the secret? but


James Newbury: It's


Jono: it's the


James Newbury: yeah.


Jono: yeah.


James Newbury: Like the things, that kind of there's no. there's no real secret behind it. There's no. there's no hidden. There's no hidden foods that people don't know about. You know. it's for me, couple of things that I focus on when I'm trying to navigate. And you know dates. I love dates. Someone wants to know like he. How do you feel for this event? I love dates. Dates are amazing. I think they sit really well in my stomach and that's personal choice.


Jono: Yeah,


James Newbury: I can down dates during triton, Nd. Usually if I do a marathon, I'll load my pockets full of dates. I just call on dates the whole way,


Jono: Yeah, awesome,


James Newbury: So that's pretty much how I feel feel for events is dates, berries, bananas like fruit like I smash fruit apples. I try and get an apple in somewhere throughout most days. Um, you know that like apple a day keeps. Do I really actually think that a little more to dive deep into that, especially with you, microbiam and apples and other bits and pieces, depending on who you are, but there's no secret source. There. a couple of things I like to focus on though, when I do do this stuff is I eat intuitively I eat to what kind of how I feel like. I want to try and get broad in my net. Kind of like Cross fit. You want


Jono: M.


James Newbury: a big net and you want to be able to call upon all these things. So when I, when I'm putting together a meal, all I think about is I've got some protein in there. Don't really mind how much, fifteen, twenty, twenty, five, thirty grams. whatever it may be, might be bigger, might be less. Have I got carbohydrates in there and I gonna be running again today. Am I going to be training tomorrow morning, and then a little bit of fat am I getting? Am I having nuts or seeds or what type of That am I getting in? Um, and then


Jono: M.


James Newbury: on top of that, And so basically what comes around those macro's is how much color do I have Like? Am I getting lots of color in here? Have I got greens have got purple, have got blues, reds, Yellows. What is? whereas my rainbow, and this is part of this meal and it doesn't always have to be. But you know I don't feel like it's. It's the thing where it's like, maybe you don't have to, you know, For some people counting their macro's per meal or might be good, or counting the maros for the day might be cooler, or counting the Mars over a two day period might be better, depend The person, but I just look for intuitive eating whatever I feel like I've done. if I've done a heavy weight session. More protein. a little bit of a hydra, replenish ichogen stores and a little bit of fat on a regular basis. My fat kind of stays stable the whole time, and then I just try and aim for that, thirty five to forty different types of plants in a week, So if I can nail forty plants in a week, and then some of them I'm having ten times a week. Some of them are having two times a week. But if I can get variety in that respect than I'm just giving That, I'm giving my body a range of different things to feast on, and hopefully it's helping my gut stay in check, and I feel like If my guts in check then I'm mentally more acute and I also feel better for it. You know, then I'm regular on a daily basis, Like pretty much go to the most days at the same time. I don't have upset stomachs, Nd. I feel like I, I feel like I just get the most out of just getting variety. You know, Sprout. Okay, Someone else wanted to know some other things that I just love to add. If someone was to ask me the question dates, I love for the carbohydrate on the fiber and I would just recommend chuck sprouts into your diet. Have sprouts on regular, as many different types of sprouts as you can. just getting so many cool nutrients out of that. and the other thing is some fermented foods. so whether your looking at Im or sour crout or temper, get some fermented foods into your diet and you know, and then on top of that, then eat to what you feel is good for you. but I think those things are great.


Jono: Yeah, you've nailed the top to like the strongest, Got health tips that we try and throw it everyone, the colors and the range that that, thirty plus plants a week, and the fermented foods And it's It's great to hear, like I said in the performance space. I do feel like that stuff gets overlooked a little bit. and it it gets over simplified. To what are your three numbers? What are your macro? you know? And and like you said, Like tracking Mars is fine. It works for some people that. like I have clients to do it, I have clients A band from doing it for different reasons


James Newbury: Yep.


Jono: right. but I think that if that's all that you approach, if that's the only angle you approach food with of what's my breakin cabs fat? you're missing a huge part of the health puzzle. And then like we've said, like, if your health is optimized, then of course your performance is going to


James Newbury: Everything.


Jono: improve. right.


James Newbury: Yeah, exactly if we


Jono: Yeah,


James Newbury: can, if we can jam in a bunch of colors, And and you know, add some good quality fiber along with the polly funnels and the colors and the pigments that come along with those with those fibers, you're gonna be doing great things for the gutmicrobium and if the gutmicrobim is working efficiently, our energy systems are going probably be working more efficiently. Your mind is going to be thinking clearer, and you're just on a be feeling this overwhelming sense of well ness on a regular basis. I think it just all goes hand in hand, and that's why When we talk about eating, you know, stick you macro, if that's what is going to keep you in check. But then also you know, just try n get some variety in there To try some food that you you may not have enjoyed back when you were fifteen years old. That you may like now. give them a couple of goes and you may find that you, your taste buds have changed, or you got microbe changed a little bit, and you might enjoy them a bit more


Jono: Grab that Kim cheek.


James Newbury: That. Yeah, exactly


Jono: Yeah,


James Newbury: just


Jono: I don't on't. when someone says they don't like Kimci'mlike, don't I don't


James Newbury: Yeah.


Jono: think that's possible like I don't trust you.


James Newbury: When when I first, when I first tried pickled ginger, I was like


Jono: Yeah,


James Newbury: I don't like pickle ginger at all. Now was like I'll eat the whole box.


Jono: Yeah, yeah, it's the fermented. I mean, I get it. I guess fermented food has a certain taste, but


James Newbury: Yeah,


Jono:  once you adjust to it like it's there's so much incredible stuff out there And yeah, we're seeing more and more lots of evidence supporting the probidanthe prebotics that you're getting from it. so Yeah,


James Newbury: Absolutely


Jono: hopefully people


James Newbury: yeah. Well, and that's the other.


Jono: add some more.


James Newbury: Yeah, exactly like. and typically what I say is like If you don't want to add it to a meal and you don't want to spoil your meal because you have to have this thing that you don't enjoy literally. Just have the sower cat sitting in the fridge. Go up to it once a day with a fork. Grab some out. put it down the hatch and you don't. that's it. Just have it by itself.


Jono: Yeah, shot a sour crowd.


James Newbury: Yeah,


Jono: Yeah,


James Newbury: Exactly


Jono: I agree, Yea, and I think you do that enough times as well like you get new taste buds every. I think it's like every twenty eight or thirty days, And so you keep exposing yourself to that flavor, You are literally


James Newbury: Yeah,


Jono: going to


James Newbury: yeah,


Jono: adjust to it and you got microby.


James Newbury: Yeah,


Jono: Well, thank


James Newbury: exactly


Jono: you,


James Newbury: exactly


Jono: so I did want to ask you around specific re training or intratrnintra workout stuff for those longer work outs, because that's probably another thing that comes up The plan based stuff. You know. a lot of those foods are high and high fiber, specifically high and fermentable fibers. You know, some people find that they don't sit as comfortably and they got. So have you found? is your go to fruit by the sound of it, like the


James Newbury: Yeah.


Jono: dates and bananas and other fruits during those prolonged sessions.


James Newbury: Yeah, exactly so you know, for instance, when I've done, I've done long distance endurance events before where I've used cells where I've used. you know, carbohydrate powders, and I remember having the worst cramp ever going into you. I think I was like a seventeen on the back end of a marathon at the end of an iron Man and I just thought I hope hopefully this goes away. Eventually, It did. It took forty five minutes for it to leave me though, so I don't really jell Well with yells. not all the time


Jono: Yeah.


James Newbury: unless they like date paste gells, but I've just found that what works for me the best, and some other people just absolutely love to just get stuck into. Stuck into the gells causes issues whatsoever, but again, everybody is different and you also have to figure out which which cells are going to be working best for you, but for me as natural as possible, like wherever I can if I can, but then you know if I can get some, if I can get some good quality, some good quality cup, A powder that I really enjoy that sit well on me, and I test these before I get out to my race, So I test


Jono: Yep, key.


James Newbury: like, Don't just don't just use them on Rafe Day Because O Friend told him that that they were good because you might get a cramp for an hour, so all I try and do is make sure I test them trial, and make sure everything is in check. But what I found I've done. I did a race in comparison. I did a race early early last year and it was the camera marathon. I actually did Fuel up until about thirty case. I didn't have any any fuel whatsoever. I just kind of just wind it and wasn't a good idea. It wasn't a smart idea. I should have. I should have. I should have come prepared, but I just kind of just was like rolling in there for the fun didn't really take. take it too seriously. And then I had four gills at the thirty thirty ark just from the table, And and it was number one too late. Number two. it was not the jails that worked well with me, so I ended up having to walk Like two hundred meters because I was just cramping. my legs were cramping. I was like hobbling and


Jono: Yeah,


James Newbury: then and then and I crept. For that I crept decently. I was doing lots of running. I think I was running like three or four times a week leading up to that and then you know, a handful of months later I had been running maybe twice a week, once a week, twice a week. I'm still doing ten or twelve cases at a time, and I was in Sydney, running an event for a company, and one of the guys there said Sydney Arathon's on tomorrow. I was like cool. Let's go. Let's do it. And so we went. I went down there. He was doing the half. I signed up for the full, but when I woke up in the morning, obviously unprepared, I had nothing there and I signed up to the event like seven thirty p M. and it was like, I think it was like six a M. the next morning when I woke up and went down to the breakfast buffet and there was a bowl of dates there and I literally just grabbed all these dates.


Jono: Uh,


James Newbury: my pocket. I had about


Jono: uh,


James Newbury: twenty five dates with me and then what I did was I just every. I think it was every thre Or four kilometers are down one or two dates until I had none left, And think I ran out of about the twenty twenty twenty two camar, and then after that I was just making sure I was drinking water the whole time having my dates, And then I found a few cells along the way for the final twelve kas, and they. luckily they worked well with me. They didn't make me feel upset, but my pace gradually got faster the whole way and I and I beat my camera time by about. I think sixteen minutes.


Jono: Date


James Newbury: And


Jono: power.


James Newbury: so, I think


Jono: Yeah,


James Newbury: I find the race at like four thirty five kilometers. So there was a few things that went on there. Number one was the pacing. I started out camera marathon at five o, five kilometers, And then this one I started out at five twenty kilometers. The other one was field from the beginning and hydrated from the beginning. That was another big thing.


Jono: So important.


James Newbury: Yeah, so it was the pacing and the nutrition that changed everything, And I would say that I was probably less fit as a runner at that second crack at it, but I went sixteen And it's faster just due to fuel and due to hydration and du to pace.


Jono: Yeah, yeah, that's a few. really important. Like you mentioned. The Don't trail something like that. You haven't eaten before or your friends jail or your friends supple, because


James Newbury: Yes,


Jono: you'll get cramping, possibly in your legs or in other parts of your


James Newbury: Yeah,


Jono: anatomy. Say you're got and then yeah, that's the other big thing. I see people who start feeling it like twenty five thirty, as you know halfway, And it's sort of so you will be really well filled when you finish.


James Newbury: Yeah, exactly exactly,


Jono: So yeah and that's huge. Six, sixteen minutes of that


James Newbury: Yeah,


Jono: and yeah, and again, then coming back to pacing right the non food stuff like, obviously there's food really valuable, but you also need to take into account all specifics of the sport, the skills and things. so


James Newbury: Yeah, yeah,


Jono: that's hugeyeah.


James Newbury: exactly. and it's just trial and error. I've used stuff that I've really enjoyed stuff that I didn't enjoy at all, trial and narrow. See what works best for you and again, it's like you're not going to usually nail at first first cab off the rank. You might have to fail a couple of times, but be okay with that. It's cool.


Jono: Totally.


James Newbury: you know, either you get a win or you get a learning experience.


Jono: Yeah, yeah, big time with pre training or intretraining nutrition. I think is that personal like people who love juice and other people who find juice just like they get reflex,


James Newbury: Yeah, reflex.


Jono: and so and again, if you find that out the day of the race, that's


James Newbury: Yeah,


Jono: that's not ideal.


James Newbury: yeah, you could have done it a week before and realize that it's not you, not your jam. And then you know and again this is. This is all a learning experience too. So you know, like during for me, like in the morning I feel I feel fuel just off water like obviously water is going to get me hydrate. Ed. Get me go. And, but you know,


Jono: M.


James Newbury: I feel like you know, from what I've eaten the night before, the chance to recover during the night, I feel like I'm still loaded with energy like I don't feel like I need to have a breakfast before I go and train. Maybe,


Jono: M.


James Newbury: maybe maybe maybe if I was getting prep for a very, very heavy weight lifting session first thing in the morning, maybe I might feel a little dizzy, but ninety five percent of the time I don't, and ninety nine percent of the time at the moment I don't go into the gym to lift weights outside of doing a class. So it's it's yeah, I feel I feel great until about ten a M. most days, and then you know, some days I might go until eleven thirty and I don't eat at all, But then I might Wake up one day, and I will be famished by nine a M. and maybe I will have something if something is presented to me at that time, but typically it's between


Jono: M.


James Newbury: ten and eleven. I'm not hard set.


Jono: yeah,


James Newbury: hard set the rules.


Jono: Yeah, yeah, I think, especially if you've spent so much time like. Obviously, you've got a lot of experience with training and nutrition and all that sort of stuff like the goal for the goal for everyone is intuitive eating. I don't think that's a good place for I start,


James Newbury: Yeah, yeah,


Jono: because


James Newbury: I agree.


Jono: you don't know what you don't know, But yeah, absolutely. if you've experienced all of that and you've spent that time big on science, big on evidence, but nutrition is an end of science, And so you're looking at the individual If they know, and you know that they're performing better under this condition And you look and go well. Most people like the science says this like that's not. That's not helpful, right?


James Newbury: Yeah,


Jono: You


James Newbury: I


Jono: know,


James Newbury: totally agree with you. and you know you know, maybe maybe a study, a study shown on a non human specimen showed this. Maybe it might not work with you, or you know, So you just you


Jono: Totally


James Newbury: gotta.


Jono: you can find a study for anything.


James Newbury: Yeah, you want to find. you want to find the information you're seeking. You'll find it.


Jono: Yeah, yeah, yeah, thanks, Google.


James Newbury: Yeah, exactly


Jono: Yeah, shifting gears Because you mentioned that you've shifted gears a bit in terms of obviously, training and performance is still important to you, but business S now sounds like that's the.


James Newbury: Yeah.


Jono: That's the priority. That's the focus talking me through That one are the pieces of the puzzle. What are our working on at the moment?


James Newbury: Yeah. so I've always, I've always been super intrigued with building building businesses and creating my own work. And you know I've never really enjoyed working for somebody else that much. I've always been one to try and figure out what can I do now Like what? What's next? As I said before With training. I get bored quite easily when. An, especially with you, the way that I like to operate is you know, I like to be on my own time. I like to live the life that I want to lie, and I don't want it to be dictated by. you know Certain things, So I want to be able to build stuff that I can. I like projects. I like seeing things come to light, Like


Jono: M.


James Newbury: seeing like seeing something come to fruition and building something cool. Something that puts a smile on my face and also puts a smile in other people's faces as well. so at the moment my number one priority, that's you know, taking up and all consuming. my time is fiber fiber spelt p. h, y, B, A is a plant


Jono: Love


James Newbury: base.


Jono: that name. By the way.


James Newbury: Yeah, thank you, and it


Jono: Yeah,


James Newbury: was basically just you know. We actually called it Plant. That can start me and Mattie leg. And we realized that vitamin shop in America, and they have a home brand called Plant Like, and we were almost have to be launched and we're just like I'm like I'm coming down a mountain in New Zealand and I got a call from that same. We have to re. Brand was like we're launching in thirty six hours. What do you mean and then we're just on the phone and Mattie Mad has always spoken about. You know, increasing fiber, but not fiber, just plain rented bleached fiber That you can just


Jono: Yep,


James Newbury: Want fiber, along with the polyfennals. the colors. The pigmenster smells everything. And so we're talking about Fido nutrients, And we want those phidochemicals nutrient involved in the process of consuming that fiber at the same time eating that whole food. So then he said, What about fiber with e, P. H. I was like P, h, B, A and he's just like Yeah, and I was like, Yeah, so


Jono: That's yeah. I love it. It's


James Newbury: Yeah,


Jono: great, to which is which


James Newbury: Yeah,


Jono: is helpful.


James Newbury: Exactly so we created fiber and basically the way that that worked was, Mattie and I have been working together for a very long time, and we were just discussing a few things about not even you plant base supplements. And then I just said, I just really want to make my own plant based protein. Want to do a plant base supplement range? And as I can help you with that, that's like that's what I do, and I was like great, So you know we created fiber, which is going to be bringing out a range of really cool And unique, innovative disruptive type products that you know, maybe go against the grain of a few things, but we're here to innovate and we want to create some really cool concepts That maybe you know what's been done is cool and they're great and they probably work to a degree and you know ours will probably work to a degree as well, but we're just trying to look at things from a different angle, But the initial product that we brought to the market was the plant base protean, and what I said to Mattie was I want a good plant based protean that covers taste texture. I mean Profile and digestion. I said, What can we do is like I've got something for that. Leave it with me. He went away, and


Jono: Yeah,


James Newbury: you know, dove deep into how to how to mill the protein finer, how to find the correct taste profiles that go well with plant protein, as as opposed to college and way protein. What types of what types of plant materials can we harvest protein from That is going to give us the best Ameni profile we can. And then when it comes to digestion, you know, how Can we add a? How can we add something that's going to aid digestion? What does it? What does it look like? And we came up with this thing well developed this concept that he's been thinking about for some time called Matrix, which, basically a pre pro and a post complex that got back into the protein. So it's basically fomenting a bunch of really cool prebodic fibers with some really cool probotics that we know, give these health benefits to the host, and then collecting all of the post pitic compounds that come with it, putting it back into the protein. Like those Nzinshortchain Ati acid, All those things go back into the protein to just help the transition of the protein, the protein itself through that I just to track, and also trying to help us. you know, maybe navigate trransitioning a little bit more to a plant based diet. You know, in the beginning when you flip a diet around your ad, some food that you don't normally have, you might get a little bit of an upset at the start and take a little bit of time. You might get a little worse before you get a bit better. So this will just help that transition. But that's what we wanted to grant. I was like a nail. It so


Jono: Let's


James Newbury: we


Jono: do


James Newbury: want.


Jono: it.


James Newbury: And whilst it's just a protein and it does, it's not the bell. And when it comes to die, and your, you know your primary source of of protein, it shouldn't be that like get it from food. This is just you know, the insurance policy icing on the cake, the something that may be quick and convenient. that also will aid to your health along the way, And you know not steer you towards sickness, but star you towards health. So that's why we. That's what. That's why I like Like about the protein recovering. You know four main foundations our proteins


Jono: M.


James Newbury: Built on organic pea sunflower seed. What a melon seed and pumpkin seed. We found that watermelon seed has great levels of loo, Sen. so we're just like Yeah, let's pop that


Jono: Yeah,


James Newbury: in there.


Jono: yeah,


James Newbury: Yeah, So and typically plant protein is very low in those types of men, so we're just trying to figure out ways that we can give people what they might find, or very close to what they might find. in a way product, but in a plant base product. Because that's what I believe in. That's what I like to consume myself.


Jono: M.


James Newbury: How can we also get away from that gritty sandy taste texture? And you know this old One milling process really helpless out there because typically they're sandy inside the mouth and you now, no one wants to have a bad tasting protein. No wants to have sand in them out. and they wanted to have a good mnminoaci profile. And if we can aid the digestion, because we're all about post products and got health, we want to try and do that to making sure we're We're carrying out what we want to achieve. And that's you helping promote, helping promote a wholistic system. So that's the protein is just the start. It's the tip of the iceberg. But what's beneath it? What's coming and underneath that is just freaking mind blowing.


Jono: Yeah, I think like we said it's It's similar to the diet and it's beyond the Macos. right. Like Yes, protein, It contains protein. That's preat and proten's helpful. But there's way more to your nutrition than just getting enough protein And it sounds again, Which added Before we record Australia Post to stitch me up, Because I ordered some. I order some when we locked in this call and it still hasn't arrived, but I'm keen to try it because you're right. like plant base proteins do have a bit of. some of them have a bit of a name for The texture is always the main, So I'm super excited to hear.


James Newbury: You like this


Jono: try


James Newbury: one.


Jono: this.


James Newbury: You


Jono: Yeah,


James Newbury: like


Jono: I'm keen.


James Newbury: this one.


Jono: I can't wait. Yeah, Yeah, and then a few more things coming down the pipe line. I won't. I won't. I won't force you to disclose anything on. That's right,


James Newbury: Well, okay, Well, I


Jono: but


James Newbury: can disclose a couple of things. so


Jono: what can? Yeah,


James Newbury: we have. we have. So the matrix that we spoke about that's gone into the protein. We've also created that in a stand alone, plus stand alone with some other really cool fibers that people may not have heard about before, so that's going to be a cool product that you can literally add to. pretty much any one of your supplement smoothes whatever you like, so you'll have the access to the matrix itself if you don't want to consume the protein from there than the other cool ones. We have something to do with Gen, And sell your energy may be like a pre trainer longevity. It.


Jono: Yeah, yeah,


James Newbury: so we have something there that's going to really innovate the pre workout space. That's going to be. It's like the let's call it the future of pre workout. That isn't just gonna give you that false energy, but give you that genuine cell, your energy. That's not going to bring you up to a point where you feel like you can train and then let you crash down later below base line because you've just cooked yourself or made it feel like you were


Jono: M,


James Newbury: training hard just because you are over step Later. It won't be like that at all. It's going to have some other really cool properties and then something else is along the green type, fido, nutrient, whole body tonic style. That's going to cover a lot of bases, but it won't be green.


Jono: Okay, is gonna be read. Can be read that it's fun


James Newbury: It's


Jono: can


James Newbury: going


Jono: be whatever


James Newbury: to


Jono: college


James Newbury: be.


Jono: today.


James Newbury: It's the true color of health. Let's just say that


Jono: Oh, well, I'm intrigued, so I'm going to keep an eye out because that's I think


James Newbury: It's


Jono: my my brain goes green because it's


James Newbury: Exactly and


Jono: that's


James Newbury: that's


Jono: you know.


James Newbury: an S. Like


Jono: Yeah,


James Newbury: who determined. And this is what Matt says all the time, so I'm literally just repeating what he said, But who said Green was the healthiest color? Who ever said that because


Jono: Someone clearly did use


James Newbury: because when we look at the wholistic picture, you know we want to add like when so formulating formulating, which I had you know, I was just a sounding board to Matt's creations. Um what we wanted to make? Something That was that was innovative, but it had purpose. The purpose of this product is it's a whole body tonic. It helps along so many different pathways. It's insane and it has some of the most unique and fun ingredients like you've ever seen. It's not just jam full of spiralina and clorella, it's got some really beautiful compounds. You know, we talk a lot about soliciltes, obslate things that you know. Anti nutrients that will bind particular parameters given. depending on what it is. This one comes from a different angle this is supplying. Just think about, like barks and peels and dirt, And you know it comes with cool stuff like it's insanely cool And know, I think it's going to be very, very unique, innovative and disruptive, especially in that green whole body tonic space. Like a


Jono: M.


James Newbury: full picture of. it's a full picture of health along with a nice wholesome whole food diet.


Jono: Yeah, Yeah, I would just want to see the color Now you've got me


James Newbury: Yeah,


Jono: intrigued.


James Newbury: I want


Jono: not


James Newbury: you


Jono: green.


James Newbury: to try it. I want you to try it.


Jono: Yeah, I will. I'll keep an eye. Hopefully


James Newbury: Hop.


Jono: Australia posts a little bit on it because like I said, the shipping notification was like sixty minutes was like out the door. But then


James Newbury: Yeah,


Jono: that's all right. I don't think I think I'll have a chat to my post today.


James Newbury: It's probably sitting somewhere.


Jono: Yeah, you probably saw it and decided to take it for themselves,


James Newbury: Yeah,


Jono: which I guess is, At least they're getting some good protein and


James Newbury: Hey,


Jono: some good.


James Newbury: if they buy


Jono: You know,


James Newbury: more, it's great.


Jono: polyphenals. Yeah,


James Newbury: Yeah,


Jono: win,


James Newbury: exactly


Jono: win wins for other people, But look, I'm conscious of your time. I don't wanta take up too much more of it. Thank you so much for chatting today. it's been. It's been awesome. Like touched on. lots of really really exciting stuff And it sounds like there's more exciting stuff to come as well, So if people want the classic, if people want to find out more, where's the best place to find out stuff about you and fever


James Newbury: The best place to find me on Instagram. just James Newbery super boring and fiber is fiber performance And then Yeah, if you want to go read a little bit more Websites were constantly because we've been launched now. four months were constantly in. Okay, We like this and then the next week were just like. Oh, we want to change it and we wan to change it again. We want change


Jono: Yah,


James Newbury: it again so they can always go to five dot, come, P. B, and they can find out some more information there, and if they want to give it a crack, more than welcome,


Jono: Amazing, and I'll of course link all that stuff in the show notes as what you've got to do. That's the rule.


James Newbury: Ah,


Jono: but again, James, thanks so much for chating today. it's been been a blast mate, and I'm excited to see what's coming down the palin


James Newbury: My pleasure. thanks for having me.


Jono: Cheers mate


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