Initial Appointment Information

Please read to the bottom! This stuff is important

5 Minute Form

Please click here to complete the 5 Minute Form, answering some important background questions that will allow us to spend more time focussing on you in your appointment. Please ensure both you and your partner have filled out this form separately prior to our initial consult. You can both use the same link 🙂

Why do I have to pay a deposit when I book?

Paying a deposit creates you as a “customer” in my Stripe account, which helps to streamline the payment process at the end of each consult, reducing the need for manual, time consuming payments. Stripe maintains the highest level of security certification in the payments industry, so you can be confident that your information is safe and secure.

What do I need to prepare for the appointment?

Not much! We’ll be able to gather all of the information we need to develop your plan from your answers to the form above + our time together, but it might help if you jot down any important questions you want answered so you don’t forget to ask during the appointment.

How will we conduct our appointment?

We'll use Cliniko (an Australian owned, operated and hosted company) to connect securely via video. You can find the link in both your booking confirmation email (the one that led you here!) and the reminder text and email you’ll receive 24 hours ahead of your appointment. If you can’t find this email, double check your junk mail! Please aim to be logged in 5 minutes prior to the appointment start time and ensure you’ve completed the following

• reduced all other connections to the internet where possible (eg. background downloads/updates, disconnecting other devices, Netflix etc.)

• closed any unnecessary programs or browser tabs

• grabbed your beverage of choice

How do review appointments work?

After our joint initial appointment, any required review appointments will be booked in per person. These sessions are 30 minutes per person and can be booked back to back and run as a joint hour session, or as separate appointments. This is particularly useful if you’re finding you and your partner are starting to want to focus on different things.

These are 30 minute appointments we schedule as required (generally at the end of each appointment). The frequency of these is based on what is going to work best for you but, as a general guide, most people work best with 2-3 catchups a few weeks apart at the beginning and before stretching these out with longer between as we get some momentum. This will allow us to further refine and optimise your plan, as well as troubleshoot any additional problems that may arise. You also won’t need your bank card for these appointments, thanks to the wonders of Stripe.

Still have questions?

If you’ve still got questions, please make sure you've checked out the FAQ video first, otherwise send an email to and we'll get you sorted 🙂